Pubs in Florence and surroundings

Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "pubs". The places at the top are those updated more recently.

SHOT CAFE last update on 24.10.2017 The disco bars most international of Florence! » Fuego last update on 10.09.2017 African cuisine and Latin special barbecue, afrobeats dj » THE STONY PUB last update on 21.08.2017 Pubs and live music » Largocarducci last update on 15.06.2017 Gastropub wine and cocktail bar » Korner Kaffè last update on 06.06.2017 Korner Kaffè » Circolo Semifonte last update on 24.05.2017 Circle Alternative » Green Stage Heineken last update on 17.05.2017 American bar brewery » MIX last update on 20.04.2017 Appetizers, Dinners and Cocktail Bar in Sesto Fiorentino » NO CAGE last update on 05.04.2017 Circle Acsi Vegan Meal Music Courses and Activities' linked to social and animals » Chillax lounge bar last update on 30.03.2017 warm and welcoming place. » Be Bop last update on 23.03.2017 Live Music - Cocktail Bar - Brewery » James Joyce last update on 08.03.2017 Pub garden in Florence » Keller Platz (Prato) last update on 01.03.2017 Rock Pub » Nabucco wine bar and food last update on 28.02.2017 Wine Bar and Food » otium last update on 19.02.2017 Cocktail Bar Brewery »
Flossy pub - Prato last update on 11.02.2017 Wooden hut nestled in the shade of pine wood equipped for eating and drinking great food and ales » LaPolveriera Spazio Comune last update on 04.12.2016 self-managed space » Il Chiosco - Certaldo last update on 02.12.2016 Food, Drinks & Parties » SHOT CAFE' FIRENZE last update on 23.11.2016 The Shot Cafe is located in Via dei Pucci 5, 50 meters from the Dome. » LOWENGRUBE last update on 16.10.2016 Typical Bavarian restaurant-brewery » Dammi un Bacino - Prato last update on 04.10.2016 Local pubs and dance and have fun in Prato » PAN.GO.RO. last update on 03.10.2016 in the heart of San Frediano !!! » Il Giardino Del The - Prato last update on 30.09.2016 by The Room » Deja Vu Cafè last update on 15.09.2016 Cocktail bars, pubs » Anfiteatro delle Cascine last update on 02.09.2016 outdoor events » PANTHEON LOUNGE BAR last update on 01.09.2016 lounge bar, pub » CAFFETTERIA RIMANI FIRENZE last update on 04.08.2016 STAY » Harpastum café last update on 30.07.2016 sports pub's bar american bar » Shisha Florence last update on 18.07.2016 The first Hookah Bar in Florence .. As well as the best:> » Caffè de' Pinti last update on 25.05.2016 Cafeteria, Confectionery, Wine bar, Appetizers & Apericena, Events & Private Parties, Free Wifi access » Shot Café last update on 12.05.2016 Pub » rusticheria last update on 12.05.2016 wine-bar - sandwich » OLD SCHOOL PUB - Poggio a Caiano last update on 11.05.2016 Beers, mixed drinks, music, pizza, hot dogs, burgers and much more .. !!!! » circolo arci PONTEROTTO last update on 07.04.2016 Ponterotto is a place where "the music bands play there wool" » ALL in PUB last update on 18.03.2016 Brewery, hamburgheria, pizzeria, live music and more ... » Cloud 59 last update on 29.12.2015 American Bar » TENUTA LA QUERCIOLA //EX-CDD last update on 20.12.2015 Set on the shores of a private lake adjacent to a nature park » Velvet last update on 27.11.2015 former CLOSER » Obsequium Firenze last update on 24.11.2015 Home Page - Obsequium, Wine, Wine Shop Florence Florence » Moodcluboblivion last update on 21.10.2015 Disco » Tabasco last update on 16.09.2015 Disco » James Café last update on 15.09.2015 Wine and cocktail bar brewery » Chalet Raticosa last update on 05.08.2015 The stop for excellence motorcyclists Emiliani and Toscani » Nuovo Camarillo (Prato) last update on 27.07.2015 circle arch » PARTERRE @ ESTATE @ 2 0 1 5 piazza della liberta' FIRENZE last update on 03.07.2015 PIZZERIA - Latin DISCOTEQUE - IRISH PUB » LA ROTONDA last update on 19.06.2015 PIZZERIA RESTAURANT BUT ALSO ... MUSIC BAR » WARM UP last update on 27.05.2015 lounge bar pizzeria » Archea Brewery last update on 15.04.2015 Artisan brewery » CONTROSENSO CLUB - Prato last update on 08.04.2015 Live Club » greenstage heineken montelupo last update on 29.03.2015 Disco pub »
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