Restaurants in Florence and surroundings

Where to have dinner in Florence? Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "dining". The restaurants at the top are those updated more recently.

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su alma bistrot last update on 21.04.2016 From 8 until late at night, if you want to drink, eat, hear live music ..... come and visit us !!!! » Escalier by Tutto Bono last update on 07.04.2016 Ristorante Pizzeria Live Music » GANZO last update on 05.04.2016 school-restaurant » La Gabbia Matta last update on 25.03.2016 Osteria Popolare with typical Tuscan and Ligurian. Vegetarian and vegan. » Casamatta Ristorante last update on 22.03.2016 Restaurant - Pizzeria - Tuscan cuisine -always open » Hosteria del Bricco last update on 15.03.2016 Tuscan cuisine » Le Campane last update on 09.03.2016 Restaurant Pizzeria » Valle dei Cedri last update on 07.03.2016 Lebanese restaurant » Panbriaco last update on 05.03.2016 Toscanificio - Natural Tuscany » Panbriaco - Olio last update on 05.03.2016 Italian Restaurant, Street Food, Vinaino » Osteria Di Poneta last update on 03.03.2016 Tuscan specialties, grilled meats, fresh pasta, homemade cakes, cold cuts and cheeses » La Certosa last update on 29.02.2016 Ten minutes from the Piazzale Michelangelo, large outdoor garden » il cantinone last update on 27.02.2016 wine of the classic Tuscan cuisine chianti » The Goose Bistro last update on 16.02.2016 Bistro » Trattoria il Giardino last update on 08.02.2016 Ancient restaurant with conservatory »
Golden View last update on 09.01.2016 Restaurant and cocktail bar with a breathtaking view of the Arno and the Ponte Vecchio. » Regio Nero last update on 03.01.2016 Gourmet Restaurant and Pizzeria » Naima last update on 29.12.2015 Pubs, Cocktails and Finger Food » Natale Al Piazzale last update on 28.12.2015 Restaurant & Cocktail Bar » cornetteria notturna firenze last update on 28.12.2015 The place where you can eat croissants, donuts, buns and more late night » Teatro Cinema Aurora last update on 23.12.2015 Theater and cinema in the center of Scandicci » Ristorante I Quattro Amici last update on 23.12.2015 Fresh fish » Pizzino Caffè last update on 20.12.2015 Local dedicated to casual food! Pizzas, Arabic bread, muffins, coffee, pastries and other goodies » La Perla - Casa della Cultura e della Ricreazione last update on 15.12.2015 Eclectic ballroom » La Bottega di Tobbiana last update on 10.12.2015 Rstorante Pizzeria Snacks » Osteria de Rufinanti last update on 08.12.2015 Typical tavern in the heart of the Chianti Rufina » Fuego Locale Cubano last update on 30.11.2015 PIZZERIA - RESTAURANT - DISCOPUB » Parterre last update on 27.11.2015 Restaurant, Pizzeria, Griglieria, Disco Bar, Aperitif every evening in a beautiful setting » N5 Chalet last update on 26.11.2015 Restaurant with typical Tuscan dishes and not, American Bar and original pizzeria !!! » CIRCOLO RINASCITA last update on 25.11.2015 Pizzeria Griglieria » Tamerò last update on 18.11.2015 pasta Bar » L'ISLE SAINT-LOUIS last update on 26.10.2015 Artistic cultural center cafe restaurant » Ristorante Trattoria Omero last update on 18.10.2015 Restaurant trattoria, typical Tuscan cuisine » Circolo del tennis-sanquirichino last update on 15.10.2015 restaurant-pizzeria-pool » RISTORANTE LA BOTTEGA DI MORELLO last update on 13.10.2015 Tuscan trattoria » Villa Gaudia last update on 08.10.2015 Event location » PizzAudace last update on 07.10.2015 Restaurant Pizzeria » Harrys Bar - Firenze last update on 30.09.2015 Restaurant - American bar » Osteria del Porcino last update on 18.09.2015 Ristorante - Osteria » Gustavino last update on 13.09.2015 Enoteca with kitchen » Ristorante Bar Salumeria Gennaro last update on 06.08.2015 fresh pasta, fried brace and more. » Chalet Raticosa last update on 05.08.2015 The stop for excellence motorcyclists Emiliani and Toscani » I Sodi last update on 03.08.2015 The Assumption Day open for lunch » Fellini Fish&Chic last update on 13.07.2015 Sea specialties in Florence » Cosmopolitan queer Cocktailbar last update on 02.07.2015 American APERIPIZZA bar every night » 2 Paesi in Festa last update on 01.07.2015 Festival of brioche with ice cream » Gelateria cantinadelgelato last update on 24.06.2015 ice-cream shop » LA ROTONDA last update on 19.06.2015 PIZZERIA RESTAURANT BUT ALSO ... MUSIC BAR » Da Giorgione last update on 18.06.2015 fresh handmade pasta, tortellini, ravioli, tagliatelle » Stadio del Bisenzio Signa last update on 12.06.2015 Disorder live-songwriter Stefano Del Rosso »