Sandwich shops in Florence and surroundings

Where to eat a sandwich in Florence? Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "sandwich shops". The places at the top are those updated more recently.

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Barone di Porta Romana last update on 13.02.2011 Club Restaurant, Cafeteria Lounge, American Bar, Garden, Free Wi Fi » IYOIYO last update on 07.02.2011 Sandwich and aperitivoteca » EL PUNTO LATiNO last update on 18.01.2011 Organization EVNTi Latin in TUSCANY » Capodanno Fortezza da Basso 2011 Firenze last update on 22.12.2010 Exclusive location » PSYCHEDELICARGO last update on 07.12.2010 Psychedelic Florentine evening » 5ecinque last update on 15.08.2010 Gastropub » La Sosta de Golosi last update on 16.07.2010 bars, cafes, ice cream parlor, free wi-fi access, baby friendly » Spedaletto in festa last update on 12.06.2010 The motor racing, the most exciting sports and gastronomic chianti » Accademia Bistrot last update on 29.05.2010 -bistrot wine bar constraint gastronomy » Rossopomodoro last update on 07.05.2010 Verace Pizzeria & a Campania restaurant » Caffè Montegrappa last update on 16.02.2010 Art - Live » last update on 24.01.2010 a rented restaurant with catering. For parties, conventions, birthdays ... » Caffèlatorre last update on 21.07.2009 bistro / bar cocktail » Damo Ganzo last update on 17.04.2009 Pizzeria Restaurant Low cost - Pizza low cost delivery, takeaway » Vinaino di Parte Guelfa last update on 19.03.2009 Vinaino, sandwiches and Tuscan products »
RISTOCAFFE last update on 11.11.2008 DISCOBAR - cultural and community center (affiliated UISP) » la riffa last update on 18.10.2008 Tuscan cuisine old school » Nerbone di Greve Ristorante last update on 05.06.2008 Our intent is to let people know that ... » Moon last update on 01.05.2008 Exclusive Lounge Cafe Appetizers and Wine Bar » Da Orlando gestione La Riffa last update on 21.04.2008 Ristorante Pizzeria typical Tuscan dishes » FLORENCE OPEN BAR last update on 16.11.2007 PARADE OF CHARITY » Fi.ESTA Ballet/ippodromo Visarno last update on 21.06.2007 theater, dance, events, and 2 runs perballare » Festa dellUnità del Galluzzo last update on 01.06.2007 Restaurant, game shows, musical events, and debates » "LE FATE" APERIBAR last update on 28.05.2007 APERI-COCKTAIL BAR » BOCCASCENA last update on 21.02.2007 music & art ristobar » I monello last update on 17.11.2006 Local located in the beautiful hills of Chianti where you can spend evenings right » JMT - John Martins Tavern last update on 19.10.2006 disco-pub catering » SottoSopra discobar last update on 08.09.2006 American bar & disco » BAR...CA A VELA last update on 02.04.2006 Tuscan trattoria » blue rose pub last update on 18.10.2005 DiscoLiveMusicPub » the family pub last update on 21.07.2005 pub style Fonzies » chart cafè last update on 12.07.2004 Cocktails, food, music and visual arts » cafè pinar last update on 23.11.2003 Local young, colorful, open every day except Sundays from 7.00am to 2.00am » LYVES last update on 07.11.2003 CAFFE RESTAURANT » Pantarei last update on 02.11.2003 pubs, beer, cocktails, restaurant. » ebys latin bar last update on 28.10.2003 in a warm tropical environment, including fresh fruit cocktails and Mexican sandwiches at all hours » girongiro last update on 17.10.2003 alehouse »