Wine bars in Florence and surroundings

Which wine bars in Florence? Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "wine bars". The places at the top are those updated more recently.

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Il Barone Club last update on 29.12.2011 restaurant, cocktails, wine bar » GRAN TINTORI club last update on 22.12.2011 Risto-Cocktail Lounge - Live music » MAONO Food/Art Gallery last update on 07.12.2011 a new space to look, listen, read, say, making talking and eating. » MAONOwinebar last update on 23.11.2011 food & drink - art gallery » AMADEUS last update on 18.11.2011 Bar with music, sports, exhibitions, many other events » La Gabbia last update on 13.11.2011 Enoteca Wine Bar » Le Botti di Aspasia last update on 18.10.2011 restaurant coffee » Ghibellino Persiano last update on 01.10.2011 Piadineria, smoothies and milkshakes centrifuges frutta..ampio selection of Tuscan wines and not .. » pallottino last update on 01.10.2011 Tuscan cuisine in rustic setting » Gabriello last update on 23.07.2011 Trattoria, Restaurant » Jazz i Di Si - Antica Bistrot Maioli last update on 22.06.2011 Pastry - Cafeteria » Osteria Boccanegra last update on 19.06.2011 Osteria typical Tuscany in Florence » La Baraonda last update on 07.06.2011 seafood restaurant for a romantic evening in the company of friends or a dinner lavor » VIVANDA last update on 17.04.2011 THE FIRST WINE OF ORGANIC WINES IN FLORENCE » La Sosta del Rossellino last update on 12.03.2011 Wine bar / restaurant »
LA TINAIA VIOLA last update on 22.02.2011 wine shop » Barone di Porta Romana last update on 13.02.2011 Club Restaurant, Cafeteria Lounge, American Bar, Garden, Free Wi Fi » IYOIYO last update on 07.02.2011 Sandwich and aperitivoteca » Affè di Bacco last update on 03.02.2011 Restaurant Spaghetteria Pizzeria » EL PUNTO LATiNO last update on 18.01.2011 Organization EVNTi Latin in TUSCANY » Osteria Cantagallo last update on 12.01.2011 tasting of farm wines and dishes made with ingredients at km 0 » Capodanno Fortezza da Basso 2011 Firenze last update on 22.12.2010 Exclusive location » La Maison last update on 20.10.2010 Ristorante Pizzeria Wine Bar Garden » Conte Ugolino last update on 15.09.2010 Mediterranean and Tuscan cuisine. » Ristorante Edy Più last update on 02.09.2010 Typical Tuscan cuisine » 5ecinque last update on 15.08.2010 Gastropub » Yagura last update on 02.08.2010 Japanese restaurant » Da Ginone last update on 29.07.2010 Historic tavern in Florence, offers an avant-garde cuisine with traditional spirit. » Accademia Bistrot last update on 29.05.2010 -bistrot wine bar constraint gastronomy » Circolo G.A.D.A last update on 21.05.2010 Live Music Theatre + Cinema + » ristorante VILLAMAGNA last update on 21.04.2010 pizza restaurant wood fired grill » last update on 24.01.2010 a rented restaurant with catering. For parties, conventions, birthdays ... » Il Piatto Stregato last update on 23.10.2009 fresh fish every night » Caffèlatorre last update on 21.07.2009 bistro / bar cocktail » RISTORANTE DULCAMARA last update on 21.05.2009 Tuscan cuisine and Pugliese » Vinaino di Parte Guelfa last update on 19.03.2009 Vinaino, sandwiches and Tuscan products » Osteria Caffè italiano last update on 11.02.2009 A restaurant in the center of Florence with the real Chianina steak cooked on the grill » La Torre Osteria et Bottega last update on 06.02.2009 Tuscan cuisine and Mugellana » PERSEUS FIESOLE last update on 06.10.2008 Restaurant atmosphere » ANTICO RISTORANTE PAOLI last update on 22.09.2008 historic meeting place for scholars and connoisseurs » OSTERIA BELLE DONNE last update on 03.09.2008 elegant rustic typical Florentine osteria » Osteria ì Tozzo di Pane last update on 17.08.2008 Tuscan wines and flavors with music and garden » Ristorante Parione last update on 16.07.2008 classic flavors of Tuscan cuisine, reinterpreted in the refined standards of modern kitchen » Nerbone di Greve Ristorante last update on 05.06.2008 Our intent is to let people know that ... » Moon last update on 01.05.2008 Exclusive Lounge Cafe Appetizers and Wine Bar » Orient Express last update on 04.04.2008 restaurant, Tuesdays Japanese aperitif » beccofino last update on 19.12.2007 restaurant » RISTORANTE PEPERONCINO last update on 17.12.2007 tuscan fusion » Ristorante Cupoli last update on 11.09.2007 Refined restaurant with typical Tuscan cuisine » Ristorante Caratello last update on 27.06.2007 "Enogastronomica Passion in Chianti" »
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