Ruths Kosher Restaurant

Kosher vegetarian restaurant with fish
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Name: Ruths Kosher Restaurant

Address: via Luigi Farini 2 , Florence - Historical Center

Tel: +39.0552480888


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Ruth's Kosher Restaurant, the only kosher restaurant in the city, headed by the Jewish Community of Florence and guarantees the strict observance of Kashrut under the supervision of the Chief Rabbi of Florence. The menu, vegetarian with fish, is an international Jewish mold with special attention to the Mediterranean. The kitchen is run by the young chef Giancarlo Bloise. The restaurant is under the direction of Tomás "Simcha" and Gloria Jelinek. The current menu involves, in addition to daily specials, original dishes such as falafel with tahini and pitta bread, Tunisian brik with pear chutney, salmon "lax" smoked in the house, the vegetable couscous with its broth and harissa sauce, and large mixed dishes such as Ruth's Plate with tabuleh, hummus, tahini, baba Ganush, caponata, falafel and brik, and dish Ruth's fish with marinated salmon, gefiltefisch, tuna kefte etc .... Among the desserts: streusel apples, chocolate delight, blintzes (crepes) stuffed with cheese and cinnamon, fruit soup with ginger, etc ... the wines are Tuscan and not, but strictly kosher too. The kitchen is open from Saturday night to Friday for lunch (Friday night and Saturday closed lunch), from 12.30 to 14.30 and from 19.30 to 22.30. Ruth's Kosher Restaurant also offers catering kosher and "ethnic". Credit cards: all.

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