'Apocalypse NO!' Vol.4 presentation of the Jacobin magazine

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Address: Centro Storico , Prato

Date: Thursday 24 October 2019


"We think that individual men and women have their destiny in their hands
and that with their daily choices they can change the course of things,
but that this happens when they become collective action and not practical atomized. "

(from the editorial Jacobin vol.4)

THURSDAY 24 October, from 9.00 pm

to the space #AUT 'Apocalypse NO!' Vol.4 presentation of the magazine Jacobin Italia
The climate and environmental crisis is progressing and its effects are felt all over the globe: droughts, floods, natural disasters of every kind multiply, while glaciers and entire coastal areas are eroded by the sea.
What to do in front of all this?

While the capitalist exploitation system is devastating our planet; the elites deny the evidence or blame the behavior of individuals.
But this narrative does nothing but conceal the political responsibilities of states and multinationals which, accomplices to increasingly intensive, colonialist and sexist exploitation, continue to promote unsustainable and destructive production models.

To stop the climate disaster we must therefore redesign the production system.
Because when nature and society intertwine it is not possible to separate the environmental crisis from the political and economic one.

In this context, individual response is no longer sufficient: there is a need for community organization, from below, with small and large objectives, starting from the territories and urban and rural environmental battles that are close to us, to change the entire model productive and distributive.

Together with Lorenzo Zamponi from the editorial staff of Jacobin Italia
with presentations by Simona Baldanzi
- journalist, writer and collaborator of the magazine -
and with the participation of local exponents of the ecological realities, such as FFF, Genuino Clandestino and Extintion Rebellion,
we are waiting for you at
presentation of the fourth issue of Jacobin Italia,
"Apocalypse NO!",
dedicated to the theme of the climate crisis, to ecological movements, to the urgency of building a new development model based on ecological conversion and social justice.


For info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1374519556029778/


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