INTERIEZIONI_Pierpaolo Capovilla interprets Succubi & Supplizi

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Address: Centro Storico , Prato

Date: Thursday 05 July 2018


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from an idea of Pierpaolo_Capovilla voice of the Teatro degli Orrori

Poetic robbery and flight from the horrors of psychiatric ideology.
Madness and its double.

The texts of the representation are taken from "Succubi and Supplizi", which Antonin Artaud wrote in 1946 between an electroshock and the other, in the asylum of Rodez. Combining Antonin Artaud's painful and melancholy, moving and agonizing verse with Capirilla's irreverent and irreverent interpretation, "Interiezioni" aims to rediscover the author in a new, contemporary and experimental light, arbitrary in form but intimately coherent with the content poetic, which is freed from the imprisonment of the written page, to hover in the evocation of enunciation, in the here and now, in a recontextualization that aspires to be a critical narrative of today.

Pierpaolo Capovilla, already the protagonist of many other metateatrical projects, including "Eresia", by Majakovskij, and "The Religion of my Time", by Pier Paolo Pasolini, this time he turns his gaze to the themes of madness and psychiatric ideology , of the uprising and emancipation from the inseparable solitude of the individual in the face of the prevaricating and homicidal force of modern society, promising to the public that he will want to assist you with emotions, heartbreaking, tears and disturbance.

Within the ★ FESTA Popular ★ forum, sociality, music and popular sport promoted by the territorial assembly of Power to the people Prato
we invite you to Il Chiosco della Strega
THURSDAY 5 July at 22.00 for an event in the sign of the great poetry of the twentieth century, revisited in the spirit of contemporaneity.


.. :: before the show an APERITIVO will be set up at popular prices :: ..

INTERIEZIONI_Pierpaolo Capovilla interprets 'Succubi and Supplizi'


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