"One Man Jail" debuts

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Address: via Pisana 111 Rosso , Florence - Isolotto / Legnaia

Date: Tuesday 25 January 2022


World premiere on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th January 2022 at 9.00 pm

at the Cantiere Florida Theater, Florence

“One Man Jail” debuts: theater and technology

as a bridge between prison and city

The show, the first in Italy to use new digital resources for a theater project in prison , will materialize on stage in real time the young inmates of the G. Meucci Penal Institute in Florence, telling a story between obsessions and desire to freedom

The production, signed by the company Interazioni Elementari, is part of the project "STREAMING THEATER: a bridge between prison and the city", a training course in show business that aims at active citizenship and social inclusion through theater and performance

Director Claudio Suzzi: “The goal is not just to work with the students of the Institute

but also and above all to educate the public outside "

Florence, 22 December 2021 - Intertwining theater and technology, to overturn rules and perceptions, bringing prison out of prison . "One Man Jail: the prisons of the mind" is coming to Florence, the only show in Italy that uses new digital resources for a theater project in prison , premiered on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 January 2022, at 9.00 pm, at the Florida Shipyard Theater.

Proposed and produced by Compagnia Interazioni Elementari , directed by Claudio Suzzi , "One Man Jail: the prisons of the mind", thanks to live streaming, will materialize on stage in real time the young actors inmates of the G. Meucci Penal Institute for tell a story of obsessions and freedom, while the public will turn into a group of prisoners for two hours, or perhaps they will realize that they have always been, in a kaleidoscope of reversals and short circuits between inside and outside ( www.interazionielementari.com ).

The story is that of Frank Petroletti - played by actor Filippo Frittelli - comedian who, at the height of his success, is arrested and jailed. Inside the prison, in front of an audience of hostile and disinterested inmates, he prepares to perform his latest performance. The show, caustic and bizarre, will lead him to face his fears and the thoughts that really hold him prisoner, to free himself from the characters that crowd his mind, to reach an "elsewhere" perhaps less reassuring than what one would have him believe.

The show is part of the project "STREAMING THEATER: a bridge between prison and the city" , an educational path to show and performance professions through the use of digital technologies, which aims to fill two basic needs of those who live the juvenile detention institution : establishing a link with the external community and obtaining job training , capable of opening future prospects for young prisoners, starting from the period of stay in prison.

The main objective is not only to involve the young prisoners of the Meucci, but also and above all to sensitize the community outside . “ We work to ensure that young people are hired as actors - explains director Claudio Suzzi, founder of Interazioni Elementari and creator of STREAMING THEATER - paid as entertainment workers . This is why it will be essential to distribute the show "One Man Jail: the prisons of the mind" in order to make it circulate as much as possible in the theaters of the Tuscany Region and the national circuit, a goal now possible thanks to the new live connection method on which production base . In a process of encounter between the prison and the cities, we want to involve a wider audience by aiming, thanks to the theater, at a greater development of active citizenship and the participation of local communities, in order to create greater social inclusion ".

A path that he would like to continue even after the return to freedom of his protagonists : "The crowning glory of this work would be to be able to follow it up even outside prison, but at the moment it is impossible due to the lack of a dedicated space, an office in Florence, without the which the Elementary Interactions Company will not be able to continue its work for long . We need a place where the project and the Company can take root, and for this reason we trust in the sensitivity, listening and support of the local Tuscan and Florentine authorities ”.

“Through the use of streaming - continues Suzzi - with the show “ One Man Jail: the prisons of the mind ” we try to overturn three points of view . The first concerns the ways in which the theater is used in prison . Usually the spectator is asked to enter the prison, with all the limitations of the case. With the live connection we make the possibility of meeting between city and prison much simpler and replicable. The second is the one that transforms an educational activity , the theater in fact, into a real job opportunity . Another reversal is that relating to the plot of the show: the theater becomes a prison, the audience is transformed into a group of prisoners, while the prison, from which we really transmit, symbolizes the mind of the protagonist " .

The theater company Interazioni Elementari , founded in 2014 in Paris as an informal group and then established in 2017 in Florence as an Association for Social Promotion, carries out training, production and organization of events on the national and European territory. The members, artists and operators of different generations and backgrounds, are united by a common vision of the theatrical and performing arts that focuses on the relationship between artistic research and society. Since 2017 he has been organizing theater workshops for inmates of the G. Meucci Penal Institute in Florence and since 2018, both inside and outside the prison, he has been organizing the SPIRAGLI Festival - Theaters behind the scenes, as part of the Summer Florentine program. of the Municipality of Florence and financed by the Cultural Announcement of the Metropolitan City of Florence.

The project is funded by the "Giovani al centro" call and is part of Giovanisì, the project of the Tuscany Region for the autonomy of young people, by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department of Youth Policies and Universal Civil Service and by the Region Tuscany, by the Ministry of Justice - Department of Juvenile and Community Justice, by the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Foundation and by Publiacqua SpA In partnership with the Non-Profit Penitentiary Voluntary Association, the Altro Right Association, the Progress Social Promotion Association. In collaboration with the "G. Meucci" Juvenile Criminal Institute of Florence, Department of Education, University and Research, Professional Training, Rights and Equal Opportunities of the City of Florence, Department of Culture, Fashion and Design of the City of Florence, Guarantor of prisoners of the Tuscany Region, Guarantor of the prisoners of the Municipality of Florence, Antigone Onlus Association, Cinema Theater of Castello and Theater of the Arts Lastra a Signa.

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