Goodbye Mr. Nightingale

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Address: Teatro Cantiere Florida Via Pisana 111/R

Date: Friday 12 January 21:00 - Saturday 13 January 23:30


GOODBYE MR. NIGHTINGALE. An evening with Antonio Tabucchi
by and with Angela Torriani Evangelisti and Gianluigi Tosto
accompanied by readers, students, citizens of the District 4 territory
Antonio Tabucchi lyrics
costumes and outfit Toni Musa
Gabriele Termine lights design
visual and sound contributions Leonardo Filastò
external relations and communication Emanuela Torriani
Andrea Ulivi scene photo
Elisabetta Bartolini organization
a Versiliadanza production
with the support of Regione Toscana, Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism / MiBACT, Municipality of Florence
and the collaboration of the BiblioteCaNova Isolotto and the District Council 4
a special thanks to Maria José de Lancastre and Sandra Teroni

Versiliadanza for years has worked on the work of the Tuscan author, the first source of choreographic research by Angela Torriani Evangelisti who, with "Arebours" (1993), was inspired by the novel "Notturno indiano". Since the writer's death in March 2012, the choreographer along with the actor Gianluigi Tosto proceeded by stages in the re-reading of Tabucchi on several occasions, as guests of the Lunatica Festival, the Festa della Toscana, at Palazzo Aperto, during the Florentine Summer , at the Teatro Cantiere Florida, at the FIND Festival of Cagliari, dedicated to the main themes of his writing such as travel, the reverse or the time, to arrive at the creation of theater, speech and dance in Goodbye Mr Nightingale - An evening with Antonio Tabucchi.
The show goes through many of the main works such as "The game of the reverse", "Susie Pereira", "Autobiographies of others", "Requiem", "Little misunderstandings without importance", "The birds of Fra Angelico" in a continuous game of mirrors, references and relations between the two main figures on stage.
The event that inaugurates the twenty-five year activity of Versiliadanza is carried out in collaboration with the readers of the BiblioteCaNova Isolotto.

"In the middle of the picture and well up, between clouds and sky, you will make a vessel. It will not be a vessel portrayed according to the truth, but something like a dream, an apparition or a chimera. Because it will be together all the vessels that brought my people for unknown seas to distant coasts and in the infinite abysses of the oceans; and together it will be all the dreams that my people dreamed of facing the cliffs of my country stretched out on the water; and the monsters it created in imagination, and fairy tales, fish, dazzling birds, mourning and mirages. And together it will also be my dreams that I inherited from my ancestors, and my silent folly. To the figurehead of this vessel, which will have a human figure, you will give a form that seems to live and remotely remember my face. A smile can hover over them, but it is uncertain or vaguely ineffable, like the irremediable and subtle nostalgia of those who know that all is in vain and that the winds that blow up the sails of dreams are nothing but air, air, air ".
Antonio Tabucchi, The birds of Fra Angelico

info and reservations: 055.7135357 - 055.7130664

Barbara Magnavacchi waits for you at TE 'E Caffe' for a refreshment!
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