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Address: via Montisoni 10 , Bagno a Ripoli

Date: Thursday 05 November 2020




Theater season 2020

October 15> December 13

Via Montisoni 10, Bagno a Ripoli - Florence


The season continues online with live shows from the theater:

the readings of Don Quixote (Thursday 29 October and Thursday 5 November)

and rock theater by Sabbie Nobili (Saturday 7 November)

Postponed to dates to be set Life saves ,

Theater - Retail and shows for the little ones

" Every evening of the show that this month crowded the theater hall, - declares Riccardo Massai, artistic director of the Municipal Theater of Antella -" we have learned to thank the public for their courage in resisting fear, in their passion for theater; but at the same time we have equipped ourselves so that what happened in March does not happen again. For this reason, now, to the cry of THEATERS OPEN, we are ready to continue the announced season ”.

For the cycle “The Masterpieces of World Literature” there could not have been a more accurate and precise reading of the hero of the windmills, Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes by Riccardo Massai, Amerigo Fontani and Alessio Sardelli; so the Antella Theater has decided to fight its battle with the ON AIR THEATER : Thursday 29 October at 18.00 and Thursday 5 November at 18.00 with a 3 euro ticket it will be possible to attend the show that will take place live from the theater (in absence of the public) by connecting to the link www.archetipoac.it/teatro-on-air/ on the Theater website.

The season will continue ON AIR with "SABBIE NOBILI" Saturday 7 November at 9.00 pm (always at 3 euros) with the Rock Theater and a post-hypnotic one by Francesco Mancini and Simone Drago, a journey halfway between the theatrical monologue and the concert rock. The narrator realizes that he is in a silicon desert that involves himself and others, a desert in which conforming to the old structures no longer works, also and above all as regards human and love relationships. On stage Francesco Mancini (voice and narration), Simone Drago (voice and guitars), Simone Vignoli (drums), Dario Baldini (bass).

" The extremely popular price of tickets" - continues Riccardo Massai - "is a way to encourage the public but also a way to persevere in our work 'despite everything', so that our THEATERS are and continue to be OPEN, to be ready to to offer a presence in this extremely liquid moment where adaptability becomes an indispensable prerogative for survival. We left the artists free to choose: and that is why “La vita salva” by and with Silvia Frasson (31 October and 1 November); "Retail Theater" by Effetto Placebo (13 and 14 November); the shows for children have been postponed to a date to be set in "better" times, as well as the exhibition scheduled from 7 November on CARROZZA 10 with works by Constantin Schiavone and Camilla Schiavone. Instead the courses and theater workshops will restart in presence ".

Very soon, on the Antella Theater website, the TEATRO ON AIR REPLAY page will be ready at the link www.archetipoac.it/teatro-on-air-replay/ where it will be possible to review the repertoire of the latest Archètipo productions, including: " There, but where, how " by Julio Cortazar with Giovanni Crippa, " The love of the three oranges " by Carlo Gozzi by Riccardo Massai, the readings by Maria Paiato, but also " In search of lost time " by Proust, the " De rerum natura " by Lucretius for the cycle "The masterpieces" and many other shows to be rediscovered.

The first part of the Antella Theater season is organized in collaboration and with the support of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Tuscany Region, the Metropolitan City of Florence, the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli, RAT, Unicoop Firenze.

Municipal Theater Of Antella

Via Montisoni, 10 - Bagno a Ripoli (Florence) - tel 055 621894 - www.archetipoac.it


Other events on Thursday 05 November :

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