Theater Season 2019> 2020

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Address: via Montisoni 10, Antella , Bagno a Ripoli

Date: Friday 06 December 2019



Theater Season 2019> 2020

Via Montisoni 10, Bagno a Ripoli - Florence

Residence Theater of the Tuscany Region - Artistic Director Riccardo Massai


Antella Theater: the season of 18 years

Paolo Migone, Drusilla Foer, Luigi D'Elia, Chiara Bersani, Mariangela Gualtieri, Mario Gumina, Alessandro Riccio and many other guests

For the cycle "The masterpieces" a tribute to Flaubert with readings by Madame Bovary

The Municipal Theater of Antella turns 18 and celebrates "the age of majority" with a rich and important calendar of 26 events.

The season opens on November 8th and 9th under the sign of comedy, the exhilarating and surreal one of Paolo Migone in Completely Spooky, to continue with the ironic and sui generis of Drusilla Foer with Venus Enemy. The show, directed by Dimitri Milopulos, is a tearful revisitation inspired by Apuleius's tale of Love and Psyche : Drusilla is Venus, immortal Goddess therefore still exists today, she lives ... in Paris (December 13). Fun and ruthless truth also with Alessandro Riccio and Gaia Nanni in Contemporary Bestiary: the couple of Florentine actors went to look for examples of human bestiality in everyday places, analyzing the unfortunate condition of contemporary society with tenacious ironic vein (from 10 to March 15).

The flagship, tout public, of the season is the Nuova Barberia Carloni by Mario Gumina, with Teatro Necessario. The show recreates the atmosphere of half a century ago, when the barber shop was the favorite meeting place of the lords, a place to discuss business and ideas, drink coffee, listen to music but also anecdotes and advice from the trusted barber. Winner of the Eolo 2011 award, the main Italian recognition for research in children's theater, he was a guest of the Festival international de l'humour, in Cossé-le-Vivien, France, in 2018 and participated in the 2014 International Theater Festival for children in Haifa, Israel (2 February).

Another winner of the Eolo 2019 award (twice winner at the Ferrara Festival) is Luigi d'Elia. Actor, writer, director and scene builder, he won the Eolo with the show Zanna Bianca by Francesco Niccolini, the writer and playwright with whom he formed an artistic partnership that has lasted for ten years in an intense research on the story of nature. The work is a wild and passionate tribute to Jack London, to the wolves, to the Great North and to the ancient childhood of the world (22 November).

Active in the field of theatrical research with contaminations from contemporary dance and performing art, Chiara Bersani - UBU 2018 award winner as best performer under 35 - will present Seeking Unicorns . A new solo for the Piacenza artist, who for years has been interested in the political meaning of bodies and brings to the stage a wonderful and visionary, ironic and disturbing creature (1 February).

Another prominent figure of the season is Mariangela Gualtieri . Passionate voice of our present and defined one of the greatest living poetesses, with the show Bello Mondo offers us a cathartic and regenerating sound ritual of celebration of life (March 27).

"The masterpieces" cycle and Archètipo productions

After the De rerum natura by Lucrezio, the cycle "I capolavori", one Archèty production, dedicates a tribute to Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880) 140 years after his death, with Madame Bovary, unparalleled great classic reinterpreted by the innovative voices of contemporary authors: Lucrezia Guidone and Ivan Alovisio (February 8th), Alessandra Bedino with Rosario Campisi (February 15th), Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini (February 29th). Still with Archètipo production, two important mise en scène: Riccardo Massai directed racist X Instructions a theatrical play to reflect (November 30th, for the Festa della Toscana); the show by Franco Camarlinghi Old walls and new walls thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall (January 18).

Placebo effect | Theater as Difference

The review returns with a series of shows for and with the "forgotten", with eyes wide open on the margins of our society. Formed by the companies Arte in corso , Es teatro , Arbus , Isole Including Teatro , Teatro as Differenza was born in 2013 from an idea by Alessandro Fantechi , a Florentine theatrical actor and “agitator”, pioneer of social work. Following his recent death, Isole including Theater , a company of which Fantechi was the founder, presents the work of Marco Toloni and Elena Turchi, And where do you live now? (November 15th). Following: the show by Alessandro Garzella A song of love for madness, the result of a multi-year journey aimed at enhancing the expression of unease and marginalization, staging fulminating dialogues, physicality, eroticism (6 December); the theater laboratory is a spoken action, by and with Alessandra Bedino, addressed to people in charge of mental health services of the USL Toscana Centro (19 December); the conference Contami in Actions on dramaturgy in social theater (27 February) and Interrogation to Maria di Giovanni Testori directed by Paolo Biribò and Marco Toloni (from 3 to 5 April).

New generations

The appointments with the young Italian authors are particularly expected: Salvo di and with William Pagano who chooses the China Town of Prato (February 22); Marco Bartolini, a young Florentine playwright who recounts Amedeo Modigliani in Modigliani, beyond the veil , the first study from the experience of the Archetype residence (24 January); Daniela D'Argenio Donati in Effetto Papageno by Sofia Bolognini , Michele Panella and D. D'Argenio Donati (7 March).

Small Project

The program dedicates a privileged space to the public of children: to be noted for its delicacy The dream hunter show of lights, shadows and original music by Olimpia Bogazzi and Khaliurrahman Nanang (15 December); Ida, the lady of the bus stop of and with Simona Gambaro (16 February) e Miniminiature music education show with Arnolfo Borsacchi and Pier Elisa Campus (March 29).

The decalogue of the eighteen year old: the age of majority.

1. Make theater to entertain (Migone, Drusilla, Riccio and the Necessary Theater)

2. Making theater to make people think (d'Elia, Niccolini, Gualtieri and Bersani - Ubu Award 2018)

3. Making theater to educate consciences about civic engagement: against the forms of racism that are obscuring our days (racist x Instructions); against the walls that are re-rising around us (Old walls and new walls, written by our friend Franco Camarlinghi, because it is important to give voice to the great voices of intellectuals we have)

4. Making theater to pursue beauty: Madame Bovary (with great performers: Guidone and Alovisio; Deflorian and Tagliarini; Bedino and Campisi)

5. Making theater to give voice to young people: (Pagano, Bartolini, Zanoncelli, Bolognini, D'Argenio Donati)

6. Making theater to give voice to the territory: If art touches the heart, Homage to Marcello Guasti

7. Making theater to train the public: Progetto Piccoli review

8. Making theater as a social commitment: Placebo Effect review

9. Make theater to seek out and deal with ever new and greater challenges and to enrich culture rmi

10. Do theater for ...:

"Hello, I am a fan of your theater and I have followed the past seasons with interest, especially La recherche and De rerum . From some anticipation I have learned that in the coming season your work also focuses on Madame Bovary . Since I should urgently set travel abroad, and I don't want to miss the shows, I ask you if it is possible to know some dates in order to plan my travels. Thanks again for the work you do with passion. Best regards - (signed letter) "

These are rewards of eighteen years of work on the territory, they are ripened fruits of a greater age reached.

The artistic director

Riccardo Massai


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