THIRD ACT Theatrical Season 2020 - October 15th> December 13th

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Address: via Montisoni 10, Antella , Bagno a Ripoli

Date: Sunday 22 November 2020


The Theater of Antella, with CARROZZA 10, doubles its spaces and begins a new journey: from 15 October to 13 December the season starts with Fulvio Cauteruccio, Silvia Frasson, Sabbie Nobili, the readings of Don Quixote and much more



Theater season 2020

October 15> December 13

Via Montisoni 10, Bagno a Ripoli - Florence


" There was a theater season (2003/2013) - says Riccardo Massai, artistic director of the Teatro Comunale di Antella - which marked the birth of this space, everything was in place, the stage was where the stage is, the audience in the stalls; then there was a second moment of growth and rebellion (2013/2020) where the stage became the audience and we put the spectators on the stage. Today, in the THIRD ACT of this experience, the Municipal Theater of Antella becomes larger, the stages multiply, CARROZZA 10, the Vagone della Vedova Begbick is born, new aggregative spaces are created for the territory with the service of a bistro and a co-working for everyone, for an audience that we trust will accompany us more and more passionate and numerous in this journey that has just begun ".

The world of culture - declares Francesco Casini, Mayor of the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli - was severely hit by the health emergency, it was the first to close and the last to restart. Our Theater did not give up and continued its activity even in the most difficult months, making use of technology and transferring all programming to the web. Now it is ready to reopen its doors, to welcome the public back safely and with a very high quality billboard, with works and artists of the highest level, new ideas and a new space, original and innovative, like the railway carriage just inaugurated in its garden. . A theater that grows is always a good sign, today it is a message of trust towards the future, which cannot ignore culture and creativity. A deep thanks and my sincere thanks to the artistic director Riccardo Massai, who with his guide confirms the Teatro Comunale di Antella as one of the reference points of our community and of the Tuscan cultural panorama and beyond ".

Third act, two spaces, first part. From 15 October to 13 December 2020 the season of the Municipal Theater of Antella begins a new adventure. A journey through prose, readings and music but also exhibitions and concerts on “CARROZZA 10”, the old railway carriage that has become an original exhibition space and bistro, which has found a home in the garden of the Theater.


The season of the Municipal Theater of Antella opens on Thursday 15 October with Sergio Casesi's "CUORE" (on stage until Sunday 18 October at 21.00), with the dramaturgical construction and interpretation by Fulvio Cauteruccio and Flavia Sedia - national premiere, Archètipo production. The protagonist of Cuore is a footballer on the threshold of eternity, surprised at the moment when the heart stops beating to cross time and give itself to infinity. He deceives himself that he is talking to a great football player, Gaetano Scirea, but he does not answer. It is a presence that observes, understands, perhaps knows everything, but says nothing, it is not yet the time. Dedicated to the figure of Astori, captain of Fiorentina who died too soon, Cuore does not stage his life or narrate his exploits. The speaker is a man whose thoughts are a vehicle for entering into the profound meaning of the game of football, a metaphor for fatigue and human frailty, for joy and failure, for defeat and for reconquest. The heart of the protagonist, which has become limpid thanks to the theater, allows us to immerse ourselves in the great poetic mythology of football, the stadiums and their characters, the great champions, the heroes, the forgotten, the losers, the winners.

On Saturday 31 October and Sunday 1 November , at 8.00 pm and 10.00 pm, another production by Archètipo, “LA VITA SALVA” by and with Silvia Frasson will be staged. On stage an actress alone transports us through many lives: boys running, a young woman who receives an unexpected proposal. A brother who does not want to go home for dinner, a girl writes her dreams in a notebook, a lady dyes her hair because she wants to change her life. There are many telephones that ring, elevators that go up and down. There are choices to be made and time is short. There are hands that clasp and fears that are won. Someone waiting, someone else is caught by the unpredictable. Life and death pass from hand to hand to all the characters, they cross them, at different moments, in different ways, with different references.


For the Cycle "The Masterpieces of World Literature", readings and images by Riccardo Massai, this year's tribute goes to the hero of the windmills, Don Quixote della Mancha by Miguel De Cervantes (1547-1616) the first great novel of the modern age. Intellectual in love with action, Don Quixote is the symbol of blind faith in an ideal that resists any outrage, his squire Sancho is instead the living allegory of common sense, of the concreteness, even ungrateful, of reality. But Cervantes' novel appears as a much more stratified and complex work: it is a gallery of the literary genres of his time, from love poetry to picaresque novels to pastoral short stories; it is the mirror of the controversial passage from Renaissance ideals of harmony and measure to the inventive madness of the Baroque; it is above all a timeless reflection on human nature and its unavoidable contradictions. It is no coincidence that a jury made up of a hundred writers from over fifty countries in 2002 chose Cervantes' novel as "the world's best work of fiction", much more voted than Proust's works, Shakespeare, Homer, Tolstoy. The readings with Riccardo Massai, Amerigo Fontani and Alessio Sardelli are divided into two different appointments: Thursday 22, Thursday 29 October and Thursday 5 November , 6.00 pm, at the Teatro Comunale di Antella. On Friday 23, Friday 30 October and Friday 6 November, at 9.00 pm, they are repeated guests of "Autumn of books", a review dedicated to reading, at the Ernesto Ragionieri Library, Sala Meucci, Sesto Fiorentino.


On Sunday 25 October , at 9.00 pm, the final evening of the XXI edition of the International Short Film Festival “Irregolari Screens” will be presented by Isabella Quaia and Lorenzo Carcasci. The finalist shorts will be screened and the jury - composed of Eleonora François, councilor for culture of the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli, Giovanni Guidelli, actor and Fabrizio Bondi, editor, specialized in animation - will assign the prizes for the best short Schermi Irregolari 2020 (500 euro) and the best editing "Marco Nocentini Prize" (500 euro).


Saturday 7 November , 9.00 pm, space for post-hypnotic rock theater with “SABBIE NOBILI”. Written by Francesco Mancini and set to music by Simone Drago, the show is a journey halfway between the theatrical monologue and the rock concert, where the narration develops rhythmic and tragicomic. The narrator realizes that he is in a silicon desert that involves himself and others, a desert in which conforming to the old structures no longer works, also and above all as regards human and love relationships. On stage Francesco Mancini (voice and narration), Simone Drago (voice and guitars), Simone Vignoli (drums), Dario Baldini (bass).


The review of Teatro Sociale Effetto Placebo, organized by the Teatro Come Difference Coordination (Arbus, Isole Comprese Teatro, EsTeatro) reaches its fifth edition this year and presents two new works: Friday 13 and Saturday 14 November , at 21.00, goes to scene "THEATER SALES TO THE DETAIL" where, among fragments, dedications and suggestions, the search for intimacy between the actor and his audience respects the distance and favors interaction. Friday 4 and Saturday 5 December , at 9.00 pm, it is the turn of "FLOWS" a hemorrhage of words, thoughts and emotions that become the material for the staging of a choral show where the actors give life to the poetic texts collected in the publication of the same name , "Hemorrhage" by Michela Astronomi.


A special space of the program of the Municipal Theater of Antella is reserved, as usual, to the public of children: Sunday 15 November and Sunday 13 December , at 5.00 pm (0-3 years), at 6.15 pm (3-5 years) the show of music education with Arnolfo Borsacchi and Pier Elisa Campus “MINIMINIATURE”, small musical miniatures selected from an original repertoire. Sunday 22 November , 5.00 pm, the refined shadow theater "ALL'ORIGINE DELL'AMORE" reinterprets the myth of Aristophanes (or myth of the androgyne) present in the famous Platonic dialogue Symposium , to deal with the immortal theme of love.

CARRIAGE 10. In the Widow Begbick's Wagon: exhibitions and concerts

An ancient railway carriage, complete with rails at its feet, has abandoned the tracks forever (but not its journey) and has found a place in the theater garden. The name is that of the brewery car run by the widow of the same name, protagonist of the drama “A man is a man” by Bertolt Brecht. In the wagon there are seven stations for shared work, a small and elegant cafeteria and a bookcrossing library specializing in theatrical texts. The internal walls are designed to host temporary installations by young artists and the external facades are equipped with special panels for street art works. Among the scheduled events: until 31 October the photographic exhibition “Strangers” by Anna Haze. His works draw inspiration from the artistic movements of surrealism and magical realism, making use of mixed techniques and digital manipulations in order to translate situations of disquiet and desolation into a sweetened and dreamlike narrative. Saturday 7 November , from 7.30 pm, the exhibition of paintings by Constantin and Camilla Schiavone: large fields of color and geometric distortions are combined with the most iconic Florentine architectures or with figures drawn from the tradition of Japanese prints. Tuesday 1 December , from 7.30 pm, the exhibition "Hemorrhage" by the Iranian artist Sona Baradaran who interprets in a visual and material form, through the use of color, the poetic concept of hemorrhage, guiding theme of the publication by Michela Astronomi, dedicated the show "Flussi" by Effetto Placebo. Saturday 12 December space for music with "Sambossa", at 8.30 pm, the concert by Pino Arborè, in duo with Teresa Fallai, to retrace the classics of Brazilian Bossanova. All events are free with reservations required.

Laboratori D'ANTElla, the inevitable

Registration is open to participate in a workshop aimed at the study and staging of Dante's work, for an important theatrical project on the Divine Comedy which will take place in 2021. The workshop is open to young people and adults with theatrical experience. It is accessed through an interview. To participate, send an email with CV and photos by November 15th to

Registration is also open for theater courses and workshops. Info tel. 055 621894

The first part of the Antella Theater season is organized in collaboration and with the support of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Tuscany Region, the Metropolitan City of Florence, the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli, RAT, Unicoop Firenze.


Tel. 055 621894 (Monday to Friday 10.00-12.00)

For reservations it is essential to collect the ticket 30 minutes before the start of the show. The theater box office is open one hour before the start of the shows. In the evenings with free admission, access to the room will be allowed subject to availability. Tickets can also be purchased at the Box Office Circuit sales points.

Due to the Covid emergency, places are limited: reservations are required for all events.


Full 14 euro / reduced 12 euro (under 12 and over 65, Coop Firenze members, Student Card, Enrolled in Archètipo laboratories)


Single ticket 7 euros (free up to 4 years). The MINIMINIATURE show on November 13 and December 13 single ticket 10 euros


Single ticket 10 euros

CARRIAGE 10 shows are all free admission (reservations required)

Before each event of the theater season cocktail at 19.30

Municipal Theater Of Antella

Via Montisoni, 10 - Bagno a Ripoli (Florence) - tel 055 621894 -


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