Aterballetto Nine bells choreography Valerio Longo

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Address: via matteotti 5/8, Lastra a Signa

Date: Friday 1 March 21:00 - 23:00


Third appointment of RESI_DANCE 2018/2019,
Aterballetto in highly anticipated regional premiere presents the show Nine Bells, with the choreography of Valerio Longo and the live music of Simone Beneventi.

Nine Bells is a performance for a dancer and a percussionist with nine plate bells, on a suite in three movements by the homonymous work of the composer Tom Johnson, born from the meeting between Valerio Longo and the percussionist Simone Beneventi, Leone d silver at the Venice Biennale.

Nine Bells explores the many combinations of 9 bells suspended in a 3 × 3 grid, where each bell is located about 2 meters away from the others. The music is produced by the tolling of the bells, following precise paths around the installation. The piece then induces to walk a lot, more or less quickly, and the sound of footsteps is an integral part of the work. By systematically exploring all the possible paths, since the percussionist hits every bell in its passage, all the possible melodies are also shown. Performance is at the same time a rather demanding exercise for the performer but also an event of great visual impact for the public. Theory and the practice become one and all at all abstract: the structure of the piece can be seen and felt at the same time.

Choreography Valerio Longo
Direction, scenes and costumes Valerio Longo and Carlo Cerri
Music Nine Bells by Tom Johnson
Performed live by Simone Beneventi
Carlo Cerri lights
Critical consultant Giuseppe Distefano
Interpreters Valerio Longo and Simone Beneventi
National Dance Foundation / Aterballetto Production
in collaboration with Associazione La Sfera Danza

Arts Theater - Viale Matteotti 5/8, 50055 Lastra a Signa (FI)
Tel. 055 8720058 - 331 9002510 -

Company Simona Bucci - Tel. 3401369666


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