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Address: via matteotti 5/8, Lastra a Signa

Date: Sunday 26 January 15:00 - 17:00


3.15 pm

Pilar ternera

direction and text by Francesco Cortoni
with Silvia Lemmi, Irene Catuogno, Anna Lisa Matarazzo, Elisa Ranucci, Elena De Carolis, Francesco Cortoni

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Cinderella is the story of a wish. A desire that all children in their hearts have. To grow and become oneself. In the face of this desire and right, there can be no promises made and obediences given, because in the end, only
realizing it everything can become, like the famous glass shoe, bright and clear.
In this fairy tale the actions and emotions are overwhelming. The fear and unhappiness of being alone and unloved fall gradually, giving way to the magical dimension of one's feeling and one's will. The dance, the prince and the castle are there waiting for those who listen to their soul and have the courage to follow their own path.
The show is played with few objects, the scene is dominated by a single black dance carpet that acts as a stage for the characters of the famous fairy tale.

Magic is also done with small and poetic things, to ensure that children do not give up their imaginary participation and construction of meaning. Actors with their gestures, rhythms and words sometimes measured, sometimes
uncouth, they try to give us back this fairy tale, through an original reinterpretation, without betraying its charm and symbolic vision.


single seat 6 euros
Groups of 3 5 euros per ticket

Arts Theater - viale Matteotti 8, Lastra a Signa (FI)
tel. 055 8720058

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