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Address: Via Matteotti 8 , Lastra a Signa

Date: Friday 25 January 2019


Memorial Day, at the Teatro delle Arti
the show on the Gypsy holocaust

Friday 25 January 2019 - 21 hours - tickets 15/13/10 euros
Teatro delle Arti - via G. Matteotti 5/8 - Lastra a Signa (Florence)
Bertolt Brecht Theater
Dramaturgy Alessandro Izzi
Directed by Maurizio Stammati
With Maurizio Stammati and Marian Serban, Petrika Namol, Mitika Namol

In the foreground the Porrajmos, the Gypsy holocaust. In the background a fresco of the Roma culture, the magic of its music and its shows of the past, between the joy of living and the difficulty of confronting prejudice.

Scheduled Friday, January 25 (at 21) at the Theater of Arts in Lastra a Signa, "Zingari lager" by Teatro Bertolt Brecht unveils one of the least known pages of recent history. Written by Alessandro Izzi and directed by Maurizio Stammati, the show sees Stammati on stage, flanked by musicians Marian Serban, Petrika Namol and Mitika Namol.

On the occasion of the Day of Memory 2019.

It tells the story of the great Manush, the wise fool who knows how to answer all the questions in the world, forced to mount his circus tent in the horror of the Auschwitz concentration camp. A clown who laughs can say the greatest truths, even if they hurt, spokesman of a secular hymn to tolerance and mutual respect.

The circus is the magic of the Gypsy world and music is the language of its extraordinary universality: circus and music open and close the show under the banner of sneer, fantasy, joy of life, while the extermination camp is only the parenthesis painful of the story of a world upside down, a circus of horror where the rides are overturned in a double monstrous.

So and only in this way a circus can find the words to tell the unspeakable.

At the center also the indifference with which we look at the world, without realizing how our non-position is often transformed into complicity. In the hope that remembering help to ensure that such monstrosities are no longer. NEVER AGAIN!

The history books dedicate a few lines to the Porrajmos, mostly occupied by figures: 500,000 Roma and sinti exterminated in the gas chambers. But the Gypsy question was problematic throughout Europe, and Italy too began to solve it with segregation long before the racial laws of 1938.

The writings on Porrajmos are counted on the fingers of one hand. A scarcity that derives mainly from the fact that the Gypsy culture is predominantly oral.

Only in the last ten years an increasing attention has led to the creation of a website ( www.porrajimos.it ) that contains many documents of considerable importance and some filmed testimonies that tell the horror of deportations in a more or less direct way. Italy's participation in the shadow of the Gypsy extermination.

Gypsies Lager, which is also a theatrical fantasy that, as far as possible, seeks light tones and the joy of Gypsy music (which is an integral part of its spine), draws on these and other testimonies by reinventing them in a fantastic key capable of get in tune with the needs of a public schoolchildren from ten years upwards.

This is why most of the show is dedicated to the theme of the circus, music, entertainment, these, in which the gypsies were able to exercise their art and express their personal vision of the world. A free, traveling vision, free from any national concept of borders or limits.

Tickets 15/13/8 euros, reductions for over 65, under 26, Coop members, BCC members, members of the Municipal Library and Friends of the Caruso Museum. Pre- sales online on www.boxofficetoscana.it and www.ticketone.it and in the sales points of the Boxoffice Toscana circuits www.boxofficetoscana.it/punti-vendita , including the Coop Lastra a Signa.

For those who wish, on the evening of the show from 7.45 pm, there is a theater aperitif, with buffet and 6 euro drink (booking recommended within the day before the show - 055 8720058 - 331 9002510 teatrodellearti.lastraasigna.fi@gmail.com ).

As usual, a shuttle service is available by reservation from the Villa Costanza terminus of the tram, to Scandicci, and back.

Full 15 euros
Reduced 13 euros for over 65, under 26, Coop members, BCC members, members of the Municipal Library and Friends of the Caruso Museum
Reduced 10 euros up to 21 years

Info, pre-sales and reservations
Arts Theater - viale Matteotti 5/8, Lastra a Signa (FI)
Tel. 055 8720058 - 331 9002510 teatrodellearti.lastraasigna.fi@gmail.com
promozione@tparte.it - www.tparte.it
Presales online on www.ticketone.it and in the sales points of the Boxoffice Toscana circuits www.boxofficetoscana.it/punti-vendita e Ticketone (tel.892.101) including Coop Lastra a Signa. At the theater of the Arts from Mon to Fri 10-14 Mart. Fri Fri also 14-17. The show evening from 19.00.

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