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Address: Via Matteotti 8 , Lastra a Signa

Date: Friday 03 December 2021


Prose, dance, music, theater-song: the new season
of the Theater of the Arts of Lastra a Signa (Florence)

With Paolo Hendel, Paola Vezzosi, David and Chiara Riondino, Gaia Nanni and Ginevra di Marco, Fulvio Cauteruccio,
Marco Natalucci, Alessandro Baldinotti, Giulia Weber, Isabella Giustina, the actors / prisoners of the Gorgona ...

Via G. Matteotti 5/8 - Lastra a Signa (Florence)
Residence Theater of the Tuscany Region
SEASON 2021_22
(part one - October / December 2021)

A theater "in the heart of things". A theater that wants to entertain, reconstruct emotions and thoughts, mix languages, open up to new generations and new experiences.
"In the heart of things" is the title chosen by the artistic director Gianfranco Pedullà for the new season of the Teatro delle Arti in Lastra a Signa (Florence), for over 10 years a small / great theater miracle in the Florentine metropolitan area, with productions , national premieres, prestigious companies and artists.

Prose, dance, music, theater-song: 11 shows scheduled in the first part of the season, from October to December, which see, among others, the actors / prisoners of the Island of Gorgona, Paolo Hendel, Paola Vezzosi , Isabella Giustina, David Riondino, Gaia Nanni and Ginevra di Marco… Shows start at 9pm, unless otherwise indicated. Access with Green Pass and identity document.
Inauguration on Friday 8 October with a tribute to laughing in Tuscan sauce, from Boccaccio to the present day together with the “Toscanacci” - this is the title of the show - Paolo Hendel, Andrea Kaemmerle, Michele Crestacci.

On Friday 15 October the actors / inmates of the Gorgona Island Prison House take to the stage with "Ulysses, or the colors of the mind" - "ANCT 2020 Catarsi Teatri della Diversity" Award as the best social theater show in Italy in 2020.
Friday 22 October Claudio Ascoli presents his “Napule '70”, an exhilarating portrait of the Campania metropolis, between dream and reality, past and present. Theatrical homage to John Gay and Bertolt Brecht, "A cheap opera" is the new show written and directed by Gianfranco Pedullà, with original music by Francesco Giorgi: at the Teatro delle Arti Thursday 28 and Friday 29 October.

Friday 5 November David and Chiara Riondino pay tribute to Giorgio Gaber's song theater with the show "Lo stallo" by Sandro Luporini, painter and writer from Viareggio, co-author of Mr. G.
A competition of poetry in music for "Music Slam", Friday 12 November, with pairs of artists ready to challenge each other to the sound of rhymes and notes, and the public to decree the best. Friday 19 November Teatro delle Arti opens to dance and on the occasion of the Moving Stories Festival, curated by Paola Vezzosi and Compagnia ADARTE.

More dance, and music, on Friday 26 November on the occasion of the International Day against Violence against Women: a double appointment that sees the etoile Isabella Giustina on stage with the show "Destinata guerriera" - from the studio of "Rinaldo" by Torquato Tasso - and the blues woman Elli De Mon and her project "Countin 'The Blues: indomitable women" dedicated to the blues artists of the 1920s.
Geneva by Marco and Gaia Nanni also look to the female universe with "Donne guerriere", Friday 3 December: A collective tale, ironic and profound, in which the lives of working women, militants of the word and of song are retraced, by Rosa Balistreri to Caterina Bueno.
On Friday 10 December the Maldimar & El Niño del Retrete circus-theater lands in Lastra a Signa: "La dolce madlia" is a concentration of acrobatics in the air and on the ground, juggling, tango and comedy.
For all ages also Irene Paoletti's “Ulysses without earth” which on Friday 17 December closes this first part of the program. A succession of paintings inspired by the Homeric poem that leave the viewer amazed in a breathtaking alternation of scenes, text and movement.

“In this long season of the emergency I have often thought about the meaning of things - explains the artistic director Gianfranco Pedullà - about the meaning of the live show in today's world dominated by virtual images. We must stop with certain rhetoric about art, artists and their narcissisms. In this phase where the lights struggle to overcome the shadows, the theater seems to be one of the few tools capable of staying in the "heart of things" to open up to the future, to look beyond the crisis without pretense, without excuses. The theater must - today more than ever - stay within the essential things that concern everyone: the actors and the spectators ...
And therefore the 2021-22 season of the Teatro delle Arti proposes a theater that wants to entertain, which aims to recompose emotions and thoughts, which wants to feed us with old and new mythologies, which poetically and culturally takes sides against violence against women, which creatively mixes languages (music, dance, theater, poetry, clowns), which opens up to new generations of artists and audiences, which hosts new experiences of 'prison theater', which reaffirms the political function of live entertainment , who wants to put us back together by breaking the loneliness of each of us: a theater in the heart of things ".

The 2021/2022 season of the Teatro delle Arti is organized with the Municipality of Lastra a Signa, the Popular Art Theater and the Simona Bucci Company, with the support of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Tuscany Region, the Metropolitan City of Florence, Coop Unicoop Firenze, in collaboration with Rat-Artistic Residences of Toscan, Arci Arci and BCC.

Shows start at 9 pm unless otherwise indicated, tickets 13/10/8/5 euro, reductions for over 65, under 26, Coop members, BCC members, Municipal Library members and Friends of the Caruso Museum. Presales online at and and in the points of sale of the Boxoffice Toscana circuits , including the Coop Lastra a Signa. Advance sales also at the Teatro delle Arti (from Mon to Fri 10 am-2pm - Tue / Thu / Fri also 2 pm-5pm) and on the evening of the show from 7 pm.

Follow rehearsals and performances on the Facebook page Teatro Delle Arti Lastra and on the Instagram profile Teatrodellearti_lastra.

Information - Theater of the Arts - viale Matteotti 5/8, Lastra a Signa (FI) - tel. 055 8720058 - .
Facebook Teatro Delle Arti Lastra Instagram Teatrodellearti_lastra

THEATER OF ARTS Lastra a Signa (Florence)
2021 SEASON PROGRAM | 2022

Friday 8 October 2021 - 9 pm
Paolo Hendel, Andrea Kaemmerle, Michele Crestacci
A journey into Tuscan sagacity inaugurated by Boccaccio, Collodi, Malaparte, Bianciardi… Only irony will save the world. After the legendary productions with Carlo Monni, Andrea Cambi, the Gatti Mezzi, here comes the new tribute to laughing in Tuscan sauce with the amazing Paolo Hendel and his gentle madness, with Riccardo Goretti, the highly celebrated new diva of contemporary Italian theater and with Andrea Kaemmerle , stacker of sudden emotions in a clownish soul.


Friday 15 October 2021 - 9 pm
Theater of the sea / Popular art theater
by Gianfranco Pedullà, original music by Francesco Giorgi, with the actors / prisoners of the Gorgona
First episode of the trilogy "The theater of the sea" with the actors / inmates of the House of Prison on the Island of Gorgona - "ANCT 2020 Catarsi - Theaters of Diversity" Award as "best social theater show in Italy in 2020" - the show “Ulysses or colors of the mind” was conceived by the director and playwright Gianfranco Pedullà with Francesco Giorgi and Chiara Migliorini in the “Teatro in Carcere” laboratory of the Tuscany Region in collaboration with the House of Prison. "Ulysses or colors of the mind" has many references to the Homeric poem but tells another Odyssey, contemporary, of a man of today in today's world. The project aims to offer prisoners an experience based on social communication through the languages of the scene.


Friday 22 October 2021 - 9 pm
Chille Della Balanza
By Claudio Ascoli
Exciting and fun show on the magical 70s in Naples, but also on the 70 years of Claudio Ascoli, the old-young founder of Chille in 1973. What is it? Perhaps it is easier to say what it is not, nor does it want to be: not an amarcord, not a we were better off, not a confession-story! Napule '70 is a fun encounter between then and now bodies, all positively infected by the idea of changing the world even in the apparent impossibility: "The most beautiful things are not those that make sense, but those that have senses, that they take your body, in totality ". It is a narration between dream and reality, discontinuous, sometimes dark, often - hopefully - full of lights.


Thursday 28 - Friday 29 October 2021 - 9pm
Popular theater of art
A FOUR MONEY WORK by Gianfranco Pedullà
Theatrical homage to John Gay and Bertolt Brecht, "A cheap opera" is the new show written and directed by Gianfranco Pedullà, with original music by Francesco Giorgi performed live. The text starts from the eighteenth-century "The work of the beggar" by the Englishman John Gay, touches on "The Threepenny Opera" by Bertolt Brecht (1928) to get to tell the criminal life of our time. Always with a mixture of pity and irony: so that the great characters of Gay - from Peachum to their daughter Polly, from Captain Macheat (who represents the new underworld dedicated to shady trafficking) to Lockit, corrupt Chief of Police - appear to us in a continuous struggle against mutual massacre.
On stage there are Fulvio Cauteruccio, Marco Natalucci, Alessandro Baldinotti, Giulia Weber, Roberto Caccavo, Gabriele Bonafoni, Eleonora La Pegna, Fausto Berti, Matteo Zoppi, Anita Donzellotti, Vincenzo Infantino and Maciré Sylla. The music is performed live by a group directed by Francesco Giorgi himself, with Marlene Fuochi on piano, Dagmar Bathmann on cello and Leonarda Tiloca on trumpet.


Friday 5 November 2021 - 9 pm
David Riondino
Song theater show
Tribute to Giorgio Gaber on texts by Sandro Luporini with David and Chiara Riondino.
Written by Sandro Luporini, a painter and writer from Viareggio who for over thirty years was co-author of the texts of Mr. G., as in the best tradition of 'intervention theater', the work is a reflection linked to the present on man seen in its personal and social dimension. David Riondino, Chiara Riondino, Luca Ravagni and the Khorakhanè group, between serious reflections and comic moments, accompany us on a journey into our present, into our neuroses, into the most intimate aspects of life. The difficulty of loving, the lack of vital impulses, sexuality, loneliness, old age, the spread of violence, death, all themes that Luporini with his text, after fourteen years of silence, forces us to face, between analyzes merciless and intelligent irony.


Friday 12 November 2021 - 9 pm
Collective Fished out from the flood
Poetry and live music competition together with the poetic collective of artists born with the aim of spreading and promoting poetry in all its forms, from literature to spoken music, from poetry slam to theater. A point of confluence of different human experiences and a fusion of different styles that aims to enhance the verse.

On stage, pairs of musicians and poets will alternate. To the public the task of decreeing the best.


Friday 19 November 2021 - 9 pm
Paola Vezzosi / ADARTE Company
Festival of dance and literature - 5th edition
Now in its fifth edition, Moving Stories Festival aims to spread the language of contemporary dance in its value as a universal means of communication and to stimulate interest and love for literature. Prestigious Italian contemporary dance companies will alternate with choreographies inspired by texts, authors or literary characters, in a sort of creative dialogue between literature and the art of movement. In addition to the shows, there are meetings and workshops that allow, especially young people, to identify and develop valuable personal interests in the field of art.


Friday 26th November 2021
9 pm - Isabella Giustina DESTINED WARRIOR
Double appointment between dance and music for the International Day against violence against women.
By and with the etoile Isabella Giustina, "Destinata guerriera" was born from the study of "Rinaldo" by Torquato Tasso and is inspired by the character of Clarice reworked through a research on the figure of the warrior woman of the chivalric poems of the Renaissance.
One woman band influenced by the primordial tradition of the blues (Bessie Smith, Fred Mc Dowell, Son House) intertwined with the primitive garage punk, Elli De Mon wrote the book on the blues artists of the 20s "Countin 'The Blues: indomitable women" : great women, whose art has been forgotten by most. It was a short step from the book to the record. Now the live version of the project.


Friday 3 December 2021 at 9 pm
Geneva by Marco and Gaia Nanni / Popular art theater
WOMEN WARRIORS by Manuela Critelli and Gianfranco Pedullà
Donne Guerriere sees Geneva by Marco and Gaia Nanni on stage, with Francesco Magnelli and Andrea Salvadori and directed by Gianfranco Pedullà. A theater / song show to pay homage to all the women who, with their singing and their choices, have become authentic pages of historical and cultural memory. Working women, militants of speech and song, passing from Rosa Balistreri to Caterina Bueno, to return to Geneva and Gaia and, through them, to all women of today. An ironic and profound collective story that binds "Us" and "Them" with many words and live music in which to finally dance and be close. Because "together" is the best place we know. Di Marco and Gaia Nanni, in an intimate and engaging story, will give life to dialogues, monologues and songs and popular tradition, from which it is still important to draw for the affirmation, today more than ever necessary, of an alternative culture to the dominant one. . The viewer will be guided in the lives of those who have been able to rewrite their future and of those who, like many of us, try to rewrite their own.


Friday 10 December 2021 at 9 pm
Theater In The Leaves
THE SWEET MADNESS of Maldimar & El Niño del Retrete
Grab a reckless aerial acrobat, put it to show on the street, and then free a wacky clown in the same square: how will it end? Who will win the hearts of the public? Between acrobatics, ball throwing, tango and comedy, an engaging show that is all to laugh about. The strength of the circus, the improvisation of street theater and the poetry of puppetry, conveyed by the universal language of the body and shadows.


Friday 17 December 2021 at 9 pm
Animascenic Theater
Contemporary theater show suitable for a wide range of audiences that has its roots in one of the timeless classics of literature: the Odyssey.
A succession of paintings that leave the spectator displaced and make him more and more involved in the events narrated, in a breathtaking alternation of scenes, text and movement.
The text is the result of a very careful and in-depth study of Homer's work, a philological research that has led to the alternation between the narration in Italian and the numerous quotations in ancient Greek taken from the original.
Scenographies and texts are put at the service of a key element: the MOVEMENT. Three actors and two dancers will involve the spectators in a constant whirlwind, transporting them to a stateless world, without reference points or stability, with the search for the mainland that becomes a symbol of the search for oneself.

Shows start at 9pm (unless otherwise indicated)

TICKETS season 2021/2022
Whole 13 euros
Reduced 10 euro for over 65, Coop members, BCC members, Municipal Library members and Friends of the Caruso Museum, Arci members
Reduced 8 euros up to 26 years
Reduced 5 euros for operators in the entertainment sector

Presales online at and in the Boxoffice Toscana sales points ( ), including Coop Lastra a Signa. At the Teatro delle Arti every show night from 19.00. An hour earlier on the occasion of a film screening.

You can access the shows with a Green Pass and an identity document after measuring your body temperature.

The Theater of the Arts of Lastra Signa is easily reachable both by train and by bus.
By train from Firenze SMN to Lastra Signa. The theater is a few hundred meters from the train station.
By bus, line 72 Ataf: Piazza Piero della Francesca T1 Federiga / Soffiano Via Starnina / Lastra a Signa via Livornese (stop 20 meters from the theater).

Info Theater of the Arts
Theater of the Arts - viale Matteotti 5/8, Lastra a Signa (FI) - tel. 055 8720058 - -
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