FIABE JAZZ Little Red Riding Hood // Fabula

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Address: via matteotti 5/8, Lastra a Signa

Date: Sunday 12 January 15:00 - 17:00


3.15 pm

Folk Art Theater Company

by and with Roberto Caccavo, Francesco Giorgi, Marco Natalucci
artistic advice Gianfranco Pedullà
costumes Alessandra Jane
scenes Claudio Pini, Roberto Caccavo, Francesco Giorgi
poster image Massimo Montigiani and Chiara Micheli - Jumon Studio
organization and distribution Biagioni Silvia
production Ilaria Baldo, Andrea Pontevivo

▹ theater, music, improvisation
▹▹ fairy tales

FIABE JAZZ is a format and show of theater and music created by Roberto Caccavo and Francesco Giorgi that transports children and adults into the world of fantasy, starting every time from a famous fairy tale (The musicians of Bremen, Aladdin, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, etc.) in a mix between theatrical invention and musical incursion.

The main idea of FIABE JAZZ is the unforeseen concept that makes the journey, for better or for worse, more adventurous: just like when you are aboard a hot air balloon at the mercy of the air currents, we can only take off or land, the the wind, fate, the unexpected decide the direction. Hence the use of the term "jazz": as in jazz the variation on the main theme is vital also in our show music and storytelling vary through the involvement of the public without however losing sight of the main theme.

FIABE JAZZ is a game of images, sounds and words, it is a kaleidoscope of fantasy maneuvered by the public, it is to shift the emphasis on the importance of creativity as a means that goes beyond any unexpected.


single seat 6 euros (same price for children and adults) Groups of 3 people 5 euros per ticket

Arts Theater - viale Matteotti 8, Lastra a Signa (FI)
tel. 055 8720058

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