“The enchanted dawn”, in memory of Camilleri

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Address: Via Matteotti 8 , Lastra a Signa

Date: Sunday 22 November 2020


Teatro delle Arti, new season in safety
Obligatory mask and spaced places also for relatives

"The enchanted dawn" opens on Friday 16 October, in memory of Camilleri
Three national premieres, Benvenuti, Hendel, Riondino and much more ...

Via G. Matteotti 5/8 - Lastra a Signa (Florence)
Residence Theater of the Tuscany Region

SEASON 2020_21

(part one - October / December 2020)
Three-year project Memory, generations, the future

His collaboration with Andrea Camilleri is unforgettable , in particular in the well-known “Conversazione su Tiresia” . And to the Sicilian writer, Roberto Fabbriciani's flute pays tribute on Friday 16 October, together with the percussionist Jonathan Faralli, in the concert show "The enchanted dawn" that opens the new season of the Teatro delle Arti in Lastra a Signa (Florence - via G. Matteotti 5/8), entitled "We talk and sing ...".

Or rather, the first part of the season, given that out of prudence it was decided to draw up a billboard until December: 13 shows including three national premieres (Thu 22 and Fri 23 October "Forecast of the weather" by Marco Natalucci, Fri 20 November " Pandora's Box ” by Saverio Tavano, Thu 10 December “ Ulysses without earth ” by Irene Paoletti). And then, David and Chiara Riondino in the name of Gaber (Fri 13 November, "Lo stallo"), the "Toscanacci" Paolo Hendel, Andrea Kaemmerle, Riccardo Goretti (Fri 27 November), the "Panico ma rosa" by Alessandro Benvenuti ( Fri 4 December), the "Napule '70" by Claudio Ascoli (Fri 11 December), the "Dolce madlia" of the circus theater in the leaves (Fri 18 December). For dance , the collaboration with the Simona Bucci Company has been confirmed, there is no lack of “Fabula” appointments for children and families, on Sunday afternoons (8 and 22 November, 6 and 13 December).

The shows are held in full compliance with anti-Covid regulations: access subject to body temperature control and a mask that is always mandatory, even when sitting. In the room only single and spaced sessions, even for relatives. Ticket prices (13/10/8/5 euro) are lower than last season and there are reductions for up to 26 years and for over 65s, Coop members, BCC members, Municipal Library members and Friends of the Caruso and Arci Museum. There are also advantageous booklets for multiple shows, with different formulas.

It starts, as mentioned, on Friday 16 October with the concert / show "The enchanted dawn", together with two world-class musicians, classical and not only, the flutist Roberto Fabbriciani and the percussionist Jonathan Faralli. At the center of the evening the monologue with music taken from "Conversazione su Tiresia" by Andrea Camilleri and interpreted by the actress Rosanna Gentili. C ompletano the music program by Claude Debussy, Ennio Morricone, Bruno Maderna, Ravi Shankar.

Roberto Fabbriciani is one of the major interpreters of his instrument at an international level. Versatile and original, it has innovated the flute technique by multiplying its possibilities. He has collaborated with composers such as Luciano Berio, Pierre Boulez, Sylvano Bussotti, John Cage, Luigi Nono. He has played with the orchestras of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the National Academy of Santa Cecilia, RAI, the London Sinfonietta and many others.

Jonathan Faralli collaborates with the major Italian orchestras, including the Orchestra of Tuscany and that of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. He was part of the group "Les Percussions des Strasbourg" and collaborates with the musical research institute "Tempo Reale" founded by Luciano Berio.

The title chosen by the artistic director Gianfranco Pedullà for the new season, “There I reason and I sing…”, calls into question Dario Fo and an undeserved show from the 1960s dedicated to the identity of peasant and worker Italy.
We understood the urgency of this call today - explains Pedullà - we thought about the need we have to reflect on what is happening in our country and, more generally, in the world. The dawn of the 1920s abruptly reminded us that from an ecological, economic and cultural point of view we are immersed in a development without progress, as Pasolini said and, after him, today those few politicians and intellectuals who still study and reflect. From day to day we realize that we are in the midst of an announced anthropological mutation in which nuances are not at stake but the primary values of human existence, of our sociality. We have built a system of life extraordinarily rich in knowledge, exchanges, travels, relationships, new technologies and - at the same time - we have worked hard to destroy the planet, the Earth of which we are children. The contradiction is perhaps too great.
Now that we have stopped, that we have closed for a period the places of sociality (cinemas, theaters, sports venues, squares) we have realized that it takes time to understand, to pick up the threads of an interrupted narrative.
Now, however, the time has come to start talking, singing, seeing, sharing collective experiences again. After all, resume what has always been the meaning of theater: a collective experience that needs renewed trust and necessity.
And so this new season of the Theater of the Arts - of which we are presenting only a first part until December - will be dedicated to the need to reason and to give value to words, gestures, songs.
At the same time, we think that theater should make an effort to reflect on itself and - resuming its ancient social function - update its languages by repositioning itself at the center of many disciplines (speech, music, movement, storytelling, images) to propose a series of quality shows aimed at all people from all walks of life, cultures and, above all, young people.
The new season of the Teatro delle Arti wants to support or collective effort to get out of the tunnel in which we find ourselves and that it speaks to everyone about our time and the need to change it for the better. “Let's create the new man by singing” wrote the poet Rafael Alberti to oppose the fascist dictatorship in Spain: then as now, and in the new difficulties, let's resume the song of humanity!

The 2020/2021 season of the Teatro delle Arti is organized with the Municipality of Lastra a Signa, the Popular Art Theater and the Simona Bucci Company, with the support of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Tuscany Region, the Metropolitan City of Florence, Coop Unicoop Firenze, in collaboration with Rat-Artistic Residences of Tuscany and Arci.

Shows start at 9 pm unless otherwise indicated, tickets 13/10/8/5 euro, reductions for over 65, under 26, Coop members, BCC members, Municipal Library members and Friends of the Caruso Museum. Presales online at www.boxofficetoscana.it and www.ticketone.it and in the points of sale of the Boxoffice Toscana circuits www.boxofficetoscana.it/punti-vendita , including the Coop Lastra a Signa. Advance sales also at the Teatro delle Arti (from Mon to Fri 10 am-2pm - Tue / Thu / Fri also 2 pm-5pm) and on the evening of the show from 7 pm.

Follow the preparations, rehearsals and shows on the Facebook page Teatro Delle Arti Lastra and on the Instagram profile Teatrodellearti_lastra.

Information - Theater of the Arts
viale Matteotti 5/8, Lastra a Signa (FI) - tel. 055 8720058
www.tparte.it - teatrodellearti.lastraasigna.fi@gmail.com - biglietteria@tparte.it .
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THEATER OF ARTS Lastra a Signa (Florence)
2020 SEASON PROGRAM | 2021
I talk about it and sing ...

Friday 16 October 2020 at 9 pm
Concert / show for flute and percussion
Tribute to Andrea Camilleri, with fragments taken from "Conversation on Tiresia" by Rosanna Gentili


Thursday 22 and Friday 23 October 2020 at 9pm
By Patrizia Corti - first national team
Live music by Francesco Giorgi
Freely inspired by Wu Ming's “Forecasts of the Weather”, an actor's test in noir form that talks about ecomafia and the theme of waste disposal.
As rubbish routes dictate new crime maps, underworld managers and their victims plunge into a universe of corruption and poison. Giuliano transports illegally slaughtered pigs, which have escaped any quality control, to sell in supermarkets. The appointment is on the Emilian Apennines with the gang of Jakup Mahmeti, already appeared in the pages of Wu Ming's War on Humans. A simple task: deliver the meat and bring a new truck, loaded with garbage, to the port of Naples. But during the journey, excessive doses of Maalox, paranoia, misunderstandings upset the plans. The broker, high priest of waste disposal, modern alchemist on the payroll of the Camorra must intervene. A tense and lashing tale. Because when it comes to waste, no one can truly say they are innocent.


Sunday 8 November 2020 at 3.15 pm
By and with Roberto Caccavo, Marco Natalucci and Francesco Giorgi
Tribute to Gianni Rodari with live music. As part of the "Fabula" review dedicated to families.


Friday 13 November 2020 at 9 pm
Song theater show
Tribute to Giorgio Gaber on texts by Sandro Luporini with Chiara Riondino.
Written by Sandro Luporini, a painter and writer from Viareggio who for over thirty years was co-author of the texts of Mr. G., as in the best tradition of 'intervention theater', the work is a reflection linked to the present on man seen in its personal and social dimension. David Riondino, Chiara Riondino, Luca Ravagni and the Khorakhanè group, between serious reflections and comic moments, accompany us on a journey into our present, into our neuroses, into the most intimate aspects of life. The difficulty of loving, the lack of vital impulses, sexuality, loneliness, old age, the spread of violence, death, all themes that Luporini with his text, after fourteen years of silence, forces us to face, between analyzes merciless and intelligent irony.


Friday 20 November 2020 at 9 pm
Show in residence
Di Saverio Tavano - first national team
Contemporary theater show winner of the Cura Project 2019
In any country, in any city, any family lives in a house with a sea view. As happens in the best families there is an obscure element that with hypocritical silence remains undisputed. But the day comes when "Pandora" opens the box and the secrets can no longer be hidden: the vicissitudes of abuse of power of the head of the family, husband, father and man of the police.
What happens to a man whose power pushes him beyond his limit to the point of abusing him?
Why does ritual violence - or the ritual evocation of violence - restore, heal, purify, make us understand the profound meaning of things and even put us in contact with God? From the bloody rites of the most remote antiquity to sacred representations, from Greek tragedy to modern sport, from asceticism to psychoanalysis, man has always understood and sought the transformative-therapeutic potential inherent in the ritual juxtaposition of life and death, innocence and brutality , omnipotence and impotence, not without distorting it, often, in instrumental and perverse forms

Sunday 22 November 2020 at 3.15 pm
Show of actors and figure aimed at children aged 4 to 11 years. As part of the "Fabula" review dedicated to families.


Friday 27 November 2020 at 9 pm
Homage to laughing in Tuscan sauce, a journey into sagacity, from Boccaccio to the present day.
We believe that most comedians are useless and painful! The lifesaving and sufficiently revolutionary ones must be protected and protected like pandas and sea turtles. The journey into the sagacity of Tuscany inaugurated by Boccaccio, Collodi, Malaparte, Bianciardi… is a mission that we have happily imposed on ourselves. Only irony will save the world. After the legendary productions with Carlo Monni, Andrea Cambi, the Gatti Mezzi, here comes the new tribute to laughing together in Tuscan sauce with the amazing Paolo Hendel and his gentle madness, with RICCARDO GORETTI, the highly celebrated new diva of contemporary Italian theater and with ANDREA KAEMMERLE stacker of sudden emotions in a clownish soul. Those who participate will be able to tell their grandchildren as soon as they can stop laughing. Think about it, you've been wanting to laugh until you "gut yourself" for so long. An evening of crazy complicity and liberating desire to desecrate the doubts and fears of contemporaneity. Those who do not appreciate at the end of the evening will be allowed to beat the actors.


Friday 4 December 2020 at 9 pm
by Alessandro Benvenuti
The moving and amused story of the lockdown seen through the eyes of a great comedian.
59-day lockdown. 59 pages of a diary that tell of the obligatory isolation of an actor who deprived his natural habitat: the stage, decides to come out of his proverbial reluctance and tell himself for the first time publicly and with disarming sincerity as a person. Dreams and needs, memories and cruelties, fantasies and humor. A journey into the mind of a comedian who, in seeking a new meaning in life so as not to go crazy, reinvents the past as an altar boy, establishes unprecedented and profitable relationships with turtledoves, sparrows, blackbirds, crows, pigeons and seagulls. Mix dreams and anecdotes. Design baroque comic languages. He decides to be reborn to a new life by digesting his past and the ghosts that have inhabited him with the shamelessness that only adults who get tired of being such can boast. And through this comic subversive force to hope, for once again, to go back to being a child, or rather, a little child, before silencing forever in the natural Game End that patiently awaits all human beings at an unspecified point in Fate. In short, let's say that dramaturgically speaking 'Panico ma Rosa' is of the Po Ca Co genre: Poetic Catastrophic Comic.


Sunday 6 December 2020 at 3.15 pm
Prose show with digital animations for children aged 4 to 12. As part of the "Fabula" review dedicated to families.


Thursday 10 December 2020 at 9 pm
Show in residence
By Irene Paoletti - first national team


Friday 11 December 2020 at 9 pm
By Claudio Ascoli
Exciting and fun show on the magical 70s in Naples, but also on the 70 years of Claudio Ascoli, the old-young founder of Chille in 1973. What is it? Perhaps it is easier to say what it is not, nor does it want to be: not an amarcord, not a we were better off, not a confession-story! Napule '70 is a fun encounter between then and now bodies, all positively infected by the idea of changing the world even in the apparent impossibility: "The most beautiful things are not those that make sense, but those that have senses, that they take your body, in totality ". It is a narrative between dream and reality, discontinuous, sometimes dark, often - hopefully - full of lights.


Sunday 13 December 2020 at 3.15 pm
By and with Roberto Caccavo, Marco Natalucci and Francesco Giorgi.
Musical theatrical show for children and adults. As part of the "Fabula" review dedicated to families.


Friday 18 December 2020 at 9 pm
Grab a reckless aerial acrobat, put it to show on the street, and then free a wacky clown in the same square: how will it end? Who will win the hearts of the public? Between acrobatics, throwing balls, tango and comedy, an engaging show and all to laugh. The strength of the circus, the improvisation of street theater and the poetry of puppetry, conveyed by the universal language of the body and shadows.

Shows start at 9pm (unless otherwise indicated)

TICKETS 2020/2021 season
Whole 13 euros
Reduced 10 euro for over 65, Coop members, BCC members, Municipal Library members and Friends of the Caruso Museum and Arci members
Reduced 8 euros up to 26 years
Reduced 5 euros for operators in the entertainment sector

Presales online at www.boxofficetoscana.it and www.ticketone.it and in the points of sale of the Boxoffice Toscana circuits www.boxofficetoscana.it/punti-vendita and Ticketonone (tel. 892.101) including Coop Lastra a Signa. At the Teatro delle Arti every show night from 19.00. An hour earlier on the occasion of a film screening.

All spectators must wear a mask from the entrance to the exit of the theater, including during the show or screening. A safe distance between spectators will be guaranteed in the hall - regardless of whether or not they are “conjoined” - with alternating seats. Body temperature will be measured, which must be within the legal limit of 37.5 in order to access the room. To facilitate this procedure, spectators are invited to arrive a few minutes before the start of the show / screening.

The Theater of the Arts in Lastra Signa is easily reachable both by train and by bus.
By train from Firenze SMN to Lastra Signa: departure 18.28 - arrival 18.44 // departure 19.28 - arrival 19.44 // departure 20.28 - arrival 20.44; return from Lastra a Signa to Florence SMN: departure 10.55pm - arrival 11.13pm. The theater is a few hundred meters from the train station.
By bus, Ataf line 72: Piazza Piero della Francesca T1 Federiga / Soffiano Via Starnina / Lastra a Signa via Livornese (stop 20 meters from the theater).

Info Theater of the Arts
Theater of the Arts - viale Matteotti 5/8, Lastra a Signa (FI) - tel. 055 8720058
www.tparte.it - teatrodellearti.lastraasigna.fi@gmail.com - biglietteria@tparte.it
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