Teatro La Fonte

2015-2016 season hosts the exhibition of the International Theatre Center JOURNEY THROUGH TIME
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Name: Teatro La Fonte

Address: via Roma,368 , Bagno a Ripoli

Tel: 3475572347

Email: centroteatro@alice.it



Theatre LA SOURCE in the 2015-2016 season

It hosts the exhibition of the International Theatre Center


"Time travel"

Season opener

"Gypsies" theatrical romance en plein air comes from Alexandr Pushkin poem

11 September at 21.00 with aperitif on preno

"Twists" brilliant one-act play by Marcel Mithois

October 16 at 21.15 (discount for members COOP)

October 17 at 20.00 with aperitif on preno

October 18 16:15

"Witch" snowstorm by Anton Chekhov

November 6 at 21.15 (discount for members COOP)

7 November at 20.00 with aperitif on preno

8 November 16:30

BEFORE: "Out of the blue Gl'ha made ​​a troiaio" (Divine Comedy) comedy in two acts by Olga Melnik

December 11 at 21.00 (discount for members COOP)

December 12 at 19.30 with aperitif on preno

December 13 16:00

"Time to whisper" comedy from "The Lover" by Harold Pinter

January 15 at 21.15 (discount for members COOP)

January 16 at 20.00 with aperitif on preno

January 17 16:15

"Love Universe" poem nonverbal sci Olga Melnik

February 5 at 21.15 (discount for members COOP)

6 February at 20.00 with aperitif on preno

February 7 at 16:30

"Debut in New York" musical joke based on the story "Elsie in New York" by O'Henry

March 4 at 21.15 (discount for members COOP)

March 5 at 20.00 with aperitif on preno

March 6 at 16:30

March 8 at 21.15 - Women's Day

"The desire of the name" erotic myth from "Salome '' Oscar Wilde

April 8 at 21.15 (discount for members COOP)

April 9 at 20.00 with aperitif on preno

April 10 at 16:30

First: "Again D'Artagnan," based on the novel "The Three Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas (father)

6 May at 21.15 (discount for members COOP)

May 7 at 20.00 with aperitif on preno

May 8 16:30

First: "Moment ..." magical comedy from "Faust" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

June 3 at 21.15 (discount for members COOP)

June 4 at 20.00 with aperitif on preno

June 5 at 16:30

First: "Overcoming eternity" mono show based on "Tenderness" by Henri Barbusse

June 28 at 21.30 (discount for members COOP)

June 29 21.30

June 30 at 20.30 with aperitif on preno

Closing of the season

"Gypsies" theatrical romance en plein air comes from Alexandr Pushkin poem

6:07 July at 20:30 with apericena of preno


Theatre LA SOURCE in the 2014-2015 season

It hosts the exhibition of the International Theatre Center


"The map in short, although static, narrative presupposes an idea, is conceived as a function of a route, is Odyssey." Italo Calvino (The hiker in the map)

And in this light, the theater as a journey, as a journey through images, music and atmospheres, to the knowledge of near and distant peoples, we propose this new season at the Teatro La Source.

A geography drawn by stories of writers who have made great literature of their country and by tales of great evocative reference, that will involve the whole family. Never before have we feel the need to promote intercultural issues and peace and we believe that to do this "knowledge" is essential. Broaden the children's horizons, but also for us adults, throwing a glance at the world through the Theatre, a magic box that can capture and catapult us into places far away in space and time.

In our little world we offer you this great adventure. The rest of the trip is primarily a physical experience, using all the senses ... just like the theater. Come with us!


September 19 20.00 - Theatrical Happening with apericena IMPROVVISAZIONE CULINARY

"Uncle Vanya" scenes of rural life in 2 acts of AP Chekhov (Russia)

October 24th at 21.00

October 25 at 19.30 with apericena

October 26th at 16.00

"Once upon a time in Japan" based on the story "The hell scene," R. Akutagawa (Japan)

November 21 at 21:15

22 November at 20.00 with apericena

November 23 at 16:30 Festa Kinro Kansha no Hi (Thanksgiving Day for the job)

"Honey, how to kill an old woman" hilarious Yellow in 2 acts O.Melnik taken from J. Patrick (America)

December 12 21:00

December 13 at 19.30 with apericena

December 14 16:00

"Memorial Prayer" bitter comedy inspired by the "History of Tewje the milkman" by Sholem Aleichem / G.Gorin in 2 acts (Jewish people)

January 16 21:00

January 17 at 19.30 with apericena

January 18 16:00

BEFORE: "Twists" brilliant single act of M. Mithois (France)

February 13 at 21:15

February 14 at 20.00 with aperitif for Valentine's Day

February 15 at 16:30

"The King deer" musical comedy of art by C. Gozzi (Italy)

March 6 at 21:15

March 7 at 21:15

8 March at 17.30 with artistic apericena for Women's Day

"Abyss" s aquatic travaganza inspired by "The Little Mermaid" by Hans Christian Andersen of O.Melnik (Lake Baikal)

March 20 at 21:15

March 21 at 20.00 with apericena

March 22 at 16.30 World Water Festival

"Maldafrica" ​​inspired theatrical journey through space-time to African folk tales

"The Mantis and the Moon" and "Mother became dust" (Africa)

April 17 at 21:15

April 18 at 20.00 with apericena

April 19 at 16:30

BEFORE: Brilliant comedy in the vernacular (Tuscany)

May 22 at 21.00

May 23 at 19.30 with apericena

24 May 16:00

"Mowgli city" Fable rock nonverbal "En plein air" on the short story "The Jungle Book" by R.Kipling (India)

June 10 at 21:15

June 11 at 20.00 with apericena

June 12 at 21:15


* "Gypsies" theatrical romance "En plein air" comes from ASPuskin poem (Roma people)

July 8 20:00 with apericena

July 9 20:00 with apericena

10 July 20:00 with apericena

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