A LIGHT BREATH by I.Bunin outdoor show

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Address: via Roma,368 , Bagno a Ripoli

Date: Saturday 19 September 2020


Our "Hugs" review opens
at the LA FONTE Theater
with the patronage of the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli

17-19 September at 20:30

Romantic, sensual and desperate comedy
taken from Ivan Alekseevič Bunin
Nobel Prize for Literature in 1933 Adaptation and Direction: Olga Melnik
Lights: Samuele Batistoni THEATER LA FONTE
Via Roma, 368 - Bagno a Ripoli
Full admission - 10 Euros; reduced - 8 euros
Interpreters booking is required:
Romana Rocchino, Davide Papi, Larthia Galli Nannini, Vasco Bonechi, Ilaria Mulinacci, Samuele Batistoni "This show is shaped like a woman's braid; the stories of three couples flow and bind to each other, each a different dominant. starting are three short stories by Ivan Bunin, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1933.
Our life is not just made up of words, and it continues to flow even when the attention is not on us, even when we have nothing to say. The main actions of life (such as eating, undressing or playing) are always the same, but how many different shades can they hide! In the contemporaneity of these couples, each of the protagonists lives their own short and intense life, like that of moths, restless souls constantly looking for something.
In the West, the work of this author is not yet well known, a writer endowed with an overflowing sensuality that takes life head-on, enjoying the essence of the world, its colors, sounds and smells in an almost bulimic way. Bunin's characters go beyond good and evil, the only reality that intervenes on human destiny is the cosmic nature, present everywhere with its suns, its stars, its darkness, unavoidable and fatal. The universe of Bunini is crossed by magical and mystical currents, crossed by the thrill of amazement and dismay. Bunin observes love, sadness, small joys and great sufferings with his broad thought. What is broad thinking? A tuning fork of the soul, of perception: That moment in which you no longer reason, but in which you imagine. Images other dimensions, you become an image out of time. The “wide” thought is the abandonment to images, to that Light Breath, to the dreams and fantasies that light up within us. And then an extraordinary alchemy happens: we find ourselves in front of an obscure avenue, in front of a great mystery ". Review:
Stories extend our lives. You pleasantly extended mine last night. I sat down and let myself be enchanted by the beauty, by the irony, by the smell of fried food, by a look, by the restlessness, by the loneliness, by the words, by the hands, by a misplaced hope, by a fortuitous encounter, by a cowardly soap bubble, from a moth attracted by the light, from the scent of sunscreen on bare skin, from the desire to be something else, from a hen with a big heart, from angels, from “Un Respiro Leggero”. Being a woman is complicated, complex, rich in a thousand shades and you, thanks to a wonderful text by Ivan Bunin, were able to tell what goes beyond appearing ... and it is not that what appears is little! Meet, tell, understand each other; alchemy difficult to achieve. And when it really happens, one would have to savor that moment and have the courage to say "Let's stop here! Nothing better can happen!"
But this show will happen because it has released this breath into the air, which now flies where it wants. Thanks for the work, the heart, the passion with which you have given birth to a new golden child of the CTI. It's nice to see such beautiful artistic growth in people I love very much!
Tel. 055-418084; 3475572347


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