With N.Gogol 'on Nevsky Prospect

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Address: via Roma,368 , Bagno a Ripoli

Date: Saturday 24 November 2018


Theatrical review of the Center of International Theater
"Theatrical constellations"
Patronage of the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli
La Fonte Theater
Via Roma, 368 - Bagno a Ripoli
Full admission - 10 euros; reduced - 8 euros

November 23 at 21:00
November 24 at 21:00 (20:00 aperitif on reservation)
November 25th at 4.00pm (reduced admission for COOP members)

Tel. 055-418084; 3475572347

Theatrical fantasy
taken from the story of Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol '

Directed by Olga Melnik
Interpreters: Gianni Monini, Davide Papi, Larthia Galli Nannini, Stefano Montefalchi, Romana Rocchino, Lucia Callisto, Tiziana Fusco, Chiara Banchini, Gianluca D'Indico, Fabio Deriu, Samuele Batistoni
Lights technician: Stefano Meucci

"The theater you expect, even as a total novelty, can never be the theater you expect, in fact, if you expect a new theater, you are necessarily waiting for it in the context of the ideas you already have, and one thing you expect , somehow there is already ... "
Pier Paolo Pasolini

Come without expecting anything ... with an open heart and the desire to be amazed, and you will see something new: a phantasmagoria!

In short:
Nevsky Prospekt is the main street of St. Petersburg, its beating heart. But it is also the center of the world for the incessant swarming of a multiform and multicolored crowd that often walks there for the sake of it. How many faces, how many shoes, how many hats, how many collars, how many mustaches you can meet on Nevsky prospect! Here women are colorful butterflies and black men cockroaches. But be careful! Perspective deceives those who look at it, the people who cross it are not what they seem, do not let yourselves be enchanted by its sparkle! Gogol knows it well and points his investigative eye on two young passers-by: the painter Piskarev and the lieutenant Pirogov. Both follow a woman met on the prospect. The young artist, driven by an ardent romantic passion, discovers that his "Bianca del Perugino" actually works in a brothel; takes refuge in the opium, the beautiful dream, sees her as his wife. He goes to look for her again in that place of perdition, she goes to open it, drunk after a night of revelries. Piskarev can not accept this, returns home and cuts his throat. Pirogov is very different from his friend. She follows her blonde and discovers she is married to Schiller, a German craftsman. He is the court, until he can kiss her, just as her husband returns to her house. Poor Pirogov will be whipped and humiliated for his impertinence.
Both are two little men, one embodies the dream, the beauty and perish crushed by cruel and ruthless reality, the other the rampant vulgarity. With an innate sense of realistic comedy, Gogol 'takes away the mask not only from the St. Petersburg society, but, in a broad sense, to modern society, in which vulgarity and appearance have become prevailing values.
he said, not by chance, Dostoevsky, addressing the Russian writers. Each of us can find himself in one of the eccentric characters who cross the Nevsky prospect, feeling pity for the young painter who died suicidal for love or laughed to tears for the bizarre lieutenant. Because the Nevsky perspective is nothing but the mirror, or rather, the window of our life.
So, let's open the curtain! And that the phantasmagoria begins!

Aperitif on November 24th:
Ravioli with rosé sauce
Artichokes risotto
Sparkling wine / red wine / water
Adults: € 16; children under 12: € 10
The reservation by 23/11 for tel. 3475572347


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