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Address: via Roma,368 , Bagno a Ripoli

Date: Wednesday 24 April 2019


April 24th at 9.00pm

With the participation and contribution of the Quartiere 3 the cultural association #CentrodiTeatroInternazionale will present
the world premiere
Intimate show of actors and objects in a short act by Olga Melnik
Year of production: 2018
Idea and direction: Olga Melnik
Lights: Samuel Batistoni
André- Davide Papi
Isabella, André's girlfriend - Marina Meoni
Anna, mother of André - Francesca Catarzi
Postina - Gaia Lamantia
The creation of this new production of the International Theater Center started with the musical theme.
Music has always been an instrument of social denunciation and very often the songs have become an anthem for entire generations. Today the slogan "Peace & Love", launched in the 60s by the flower children, makes us smile, imbued as we are with contemporary cynicism.
Perhaps it would be the case to recover some of our innocence, innocence that would give us the strength to be indignant at the 33 wars underway in the world right now.
We thought that a song like "Bella ciao" written so many years ago will help us to intone the theme of this contemporary show. "Bella ciao" is a popular Italian anti-fascist chant, born before the Liberation, which later became famous after the Resistance because it was ideally associated with the Italian partisan movement. Despite being a popular song, linked to national affairs, it is still known in many parts of the world as a rebellion song against pro-nationalist and right-wing extremists.
The likes part from the zoom on the extremely intimate situation of everyday life of a house, on the relationship between Anna and Isabella who remain waiting for their beloved son / boyfriend André enlisted to participate in a war conflict from which few irregular news and truth obscured by the unconsciousness. It continues by focusing on the world of dream images and, sometimes, the unconscious and detached vision of war. Instead the war enters the house, transforms it, tries to destroy it! Human ties, affections, feelings are put to the test ... but they resist and win.
We hope that our psychological investigations on the subject of war can help us not to consider war as something remote or fatally inevitable. We raise our voice against hatred.
"Peace & Love" will not lose its urgency for us, even today.



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