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Address: via Roma,368 , Bagno a Ripoli

Date: Sunday 27 January 2019


Theatrical review of the Center of International Theater

"Theatrical constellations"

Patronage of the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli

Facebook: International Theater Center

Theatrical review of the Center of International Theater
"Theatrical constellations"
Patronage of the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli
La Fonte Theater
Via Roma, 368 - Bagno a Ripoli

Info / preno 3475572347
Full admission - 10 euros; reduced - 8 euros

bitter comedy inspired by the "History of Tewje the activating it"   by Sholem Aleichem in 2 acts

Reduction, adaptation and direction by Olga Melnik

Light designer: Samuele Batistoni
Duration of the show in 2 acts: 120 min.

CHARACTERS & interpreters:

Tevje - Vasco Bonechi

Golda, his wife - Tiziana Fusco

Stepan - Osvaldo Di Cuffa

Menachem - Samuele Batistoni

Sergeant - Matteo Facenna

"Peperoncino" - Fabio Deriu

Motl - Gianluca D'Indico

Fedor - Davide Papi

Oksana, wife of the sergeant - Vera Striganova

Butcher Leizer- Volf - Stefano Montefalchi

Daughters of Tevje: Francesca Catarzi, Ilaria Mulinacci, Romana Rocchino, Marina Meoni, Arya Facenna

Revolutionary - Lucia Callisto

Russian peasants: Alessandro Miele, Francesca Di Savio

Rabbi - Ciro Bencivenga

Berta- Nina Melnik

A simple story has a profound and tragic meaning - about the fate of the Jews in Russia / Tsarist Ukraine, about their life, on which the bloody wheel of the pogroms of 1905 passed. At the same time, the themes that are close to each other face each other. to people of all nationalities: happiness, love, the search for God and their place in this world. "Happiness comes to meet us. We are in one direction, but she is in another ... "This phrase has become a key point in the game, because it is said that everyone has to go through suffering ...
Choral show on conflict and its various natures, Commemorative prayer is history, told through a spontaneous and heartfelt recitation of a family and a people, of the transition from a patriarchal society to an equal society, of the leap from religiosity to atheism.
The drama of a father who sees his daughters disobey his will, a wife who loses his life and a centuries-old persecution that forces him to leave his land, all of this has managed to touch the intimacy, the spiritual part of the spectators .
The narration gains strength and liveliness thanks to the contrast between humor and pathos, while the re-enactment of Jewish rituals, the music, the silent moments that precede or follow the important moments of the stage action keep the tension high and manage to excite, which is in ultimately the purpose of the theater. A show to see.
"At my grave, on every anniversary of my death may the son that remains to me, and so also my brothers-in-law, if they wish, read for me a funeral oration. And if for them to read the prayer will not represent a particular desire, or if time will not allow it, or if this will go against their religious opinions, then they can just gather, together with my daughters, my nephews and good friends only, and they will read this my testament, and will choose any of my most amusing stories, and read it aloud in any language they know, and so my name can be remembered by them, better with a laugh than with a funeral feast ... "Sholem Aleichem, from" Testamento ", 1915

25 January at 21:00
January 26th at 9.00 pm (from 8.00 pm on request)

27th January at 4.00pm (reduced admission for COOP members)

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The reservation for the evening of January 26th is mandatory for tel. 3475572347 or by e-mail by 25/01/2019
First courses of the chef's variety

Water / red wine / sparkling wine
The cost of the evening with the show:
adults - 16 euros
children under 12 years - 10 euros


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