World premiere by Lev Tolstoj opens the CTI season

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Address: via Roma,368 , Bagno a Ripoli

Date: Friday 25 October 2019



spiritual experience in an infinite act taken from the novel by Lev Tolstoy

  Year of production: 2019

Idea and direction: Olga Melnik
Lights: Samuel Batistoni

Prince Nekhliudov - Francesco Andreini, Michele Tomai, Samuele Batistoni, Vasco Bonechi

Katjusha Maslova - Ilaria Mulinacci, Romana Rocchino, Federica Bracco, Larthia Galli Nannini

With the participation: Tiziana Fusco, Lucia Callisto, Chiara Banchini, Francesca Catarzi, Gianni Monini, Ciro Bencivenga, Davide Papi, Matteo Facenna

The last great narrative rebellion of Tolstoy, Resurrection, earned him in 1901 the excommunication by the Orthodox church. And yet it constitutes an extraordinary journey in the anguish of a man, caught in the iron "order of things", for which a radical approach to evangelical morality seems to be the only way out. At the height of his fame, in fact, the great Russian writer was tormented by social injustice, the iniquity of courts and the sufferings of prisoners. Hence the resurrection of Nechljudov, the key character of the novel, who had already made his appearance in the trilogy Childhood, Adolescence and Youth, where he was the friend of the protagonist's heart, resembled and completed him. Thirty years later, the report of an episode of judicial reporting would have given the author the opportunity to call him back to life and make his own alter ego, the interpreter of an ethical rebirth similar to that experienced, or at least desperately sought, by the Tolstoy himself. The youth novels and the masterpiece of maturity are therefore linked by underground red threads, always straddling autobiography and literary fiction.


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