THE WHITE NIGHTS of F.Dostoevskij

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Address: via Roma,368 , Bagno a Ripoli

Date: Friday 13 December 2019



via Roma, 368 'Bagno a Ripoli

The International Theater Center presents


Sentimental drama for dreamers of FMDostoevskij

  • White Night "Creative insomnia" - Florence - 2011
  • Awards: Best actress to Valentina Schiavi and Samuele Batistoni, Best Company; Best Scenography, Best Director at the "L'Estate di San Martino" Festival San Miniato (PI) / Italy -2014

Directed by Olga Melnik

interpreters: Samuele Batistoni, Valentina Schiavi

Duration of the show: 1 hour 30 min.


" ... my God! A whole moment of bliss!

Is it little, albeit for a man's whole life? "



The C by T eatro I nternational continues its twentieth-fifth season with the romantic drama for dreamers "White Nights" by FMDostoevskij.

In St. Petersburg, a vanishing city made of the stuff of dreams, the memories of a dreamer take shape in the unreal setting of the white nights. A few hours of light that life gives more to be able to touch true happiness before the darkness returns again ...

Strange people live in these strange places, the dreamers! ... What does it matter to a dreamer of our real life? To his deformed look we look so dissatisfied with our fate and so tired of our life! What does it matter to him of this life that we would so much like to live? He thinks it is a poor life and does not imagine that one day a sad hour will come for him in which, in exchange for a day of this petty life, he will give years of reverie and it will not be even in exchange for the joy, the happiness that he will give because in that moment of sadness, of repentance, of boundless pain he will not even want to choose.

Why is a little girl alone on the long river at night? Cries? What is your story? And that ridiculous gentleman who looks like a frightened kitten? What's that got to do with her?

Because in today made of fast times, strong images, shock of the senses, we want to make a story live where time expands, where you can observe the details like in a zoom, where you can talk about the labyrinths of the soul ... ?

Because we believe that the tenderness of the meeting of two souls is so strong that it can repay the life of a man ... And you?

Try to stop yourself! Try to live with us a moment of bliss ... try to make you caress the soul.



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