De André sings De André, at the Fiesolana Estate

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Address: Via Portigiani, 3 , Fiesole

Date: Tuesday 02 July 2019


De André sings De André, at the Fiesolana Estate


Extraordinary opening of the Archaeological Museum

Shuttle bus at the end of the concert


Tuesday 2 July 2019 - 9.15 pm

Roman Theater - via Portigiani, 1 - Fiesole (Florence)

After the sell-out last February, new Florentine stage for Cristiano De André, Tuesday 2nd July at the Roman Theater of Fiesole (9.15 pm) as part of the "History of an employee" tour inspired by the famous Faber concept album.

Tickets (40.25 / 32.20 / 25.30 euros, numbered seats, pre-sale fees excluded) are available in the Box Office Toscana circuits (tel. 055.210804) and online at Ticketone (tel. 892.101).

Thanks to new arrangements, Cristiano De André gives a rock footprint to the historic project that, 50 years after the social revolts of 1968, returns to stir the consciences.

With him on stage there are Osvaldo Di Dio, Davide Pezzin, Davide Devito and Riccardo Di Paola. The tour is produced and organized by Intersuoni Srl, a Booking & Management Unit.

Cristiano De André, the only true heir to Deandre's musical heritage, drew from Fabrizio's immense repertoire re-reading the ever more current 1973 album, a concept album on the years of lead and on the hope of building a better world. "History of an employee" tells the gesture of a clerk in the 1970s, animated by the memory of the collective uprising of the French May of 1968. The Sessantotto was not so much a political revolution as a social and cultural one: years of "hard struggle, without fear ”, as one of the many slogans said, but also a watershed between past and future.

The artist ardently wished to stage this work on the 50th anniversary of 1968, a disc that questions the foundations on which power is based. Arranging "History of an employee" meant for Cristiano De André to bring back the children of the pacifist revolution: utopia, anarchy, the Dream, on the one hand, Power, fear, the sinking of individual qualities to to the detriment of global needs, on the other. As the text of "In my hour of freedom" says: Certainly we have to make way for it / from a gymnastics of obedience / up to a gesture much more human / that gives you the sense of violence / but it is necessary to do the same / to become so balls / no longer able to understand / that there are no good powers.

Cristiano De André and Stefano Melone (to the artistic production) gave a new musical life to the songs of the album, an electronic rock sound, calibrated on the psychological moments of the protagonist of the story, from the initial climate of challenge dictated by the introduction on the days of May in France until the failed attack and the prison.

Cristiano De André tells «After I arranged the last concert of 1998, Fabrizio asked me to carry on his message and his memory. It seemed a nice thing to continue his work by characterizing the artistic legacy with new arrangements, which can express my musical personality and at the same time give a new dress to the works, a mark of mine. With this tour I want to reawaken consciences, my father said that we singers carry a message and in this I can only support it ».

«I am the bomber who sleeps inside me, I am the exaltation of paroxysm and its declinations. I am hell, purgatory and a few times heaven, I am all this now, in the two thousand eighteen, between armchairs and usual envy, eyes that do not sleep but sleep-wake. I am an employee and for this I am the terrorist of myself, "writes the young poet Ottavia Pojaghi Bettoni, regarding the staging of this live.

"The story of an employee is a suitable work to understand the dreams of those who believed in a better world, of those who were not satisfied with just any job just to make ends meet. A record that anticipates the times because it calls into question the foundations on which power is based "analyzes the writer Alfredo Franchini.

Concert in the Fiesolana Summer 2019 organized by Prg and Music Pool together with the Municipality of Fiesole.

BUS AND SHUTTLE - To reach the Roman Theater of Fiesole the line 7 of Ataf is active. At the end of the show, from 11.00 pm to 11.30 pm, thanks to the support of Dorin - a leading manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors - a shuttle bus service will be in operation from Piazza Mino (Fiesole) to Piazza della Stazione (Florence ).

EXTRAORDINARY OPENING OF THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL CIVIC MUSEUM OF FIESOLE - Spectators will be able to visit the Archaeological Civic Museum of Fiesole free of charge from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm, which preserves materials from the Villanova, Etruscan, Roman and Lombard cultures.

SUMMER FIESOLANA 2019 - Organized by Prg and Music Pool together with the Municipality of Fiesole, Estate Fiesolana 2019 will see, among others, Massimo Ranieri, Cristiano De André, Ginevra Di Marco and Cristina Donà, America, Levante, Joe Jackson, Ludovico Einaudi ...

Numbered seat tickets (including presale rights)
First sector 40.25 euros
Second sector 32.20 euros
Third sector € 25.30

Box Office Toscana
Ticket One
Roman Theater (tel. 055.5961293 - open every day from 9.00 to 18.30)

Info show
Fiesole Roman Theater - via Portigiani, 1 - Fiesole (Florence)

Disabled people can buy a specific ticket at the lowest price foreseen for the event and enter with a free companion. Tickets can only be found through the sales points of the Box Office Circuit Tuscany or by phone at 055210804 (paying by credit card). We strongly advise against buying a generic ticket.

Discounts and reductions
Reduced tickets for Fiesole residents.
Children under the age of 4 enter free accompanied by an adult, in a child's number for each adult, but are not entitled to occupy a seat.

Intersuoni Srl / Booking & Management Unit (BMU)
Ettore Caretta - Davide Valfré

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