The moon and the bonfires - Andrea Bosca | Summer Fiesolana 2020

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Address: Via Portigiani, 3 , Fiesole

Date: Wednesday 09 September 2020


Wednesday 9 September 2020 Starting time 9.15pm
at the Roman Theater Fiesole
73 ° Fiesolana Summer

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Moon and bonfires
by Cesare Pavese
directed by Paolo Briguglia
with Andrea Bosca
lights and space Alessandro Carletti
BAM theater production - Terry Chegia distribution

It takes a country, were it not for the sake of leaving.
A country means not being alone, knowing that in the people, in the plants, in the earth there is something of yours, that even when you are not there it remains waiting for you.
Cesare Pavese Anguilla, the protagonist, an orphan adopted by a peasant family, spends his youth on the hills of the Langhe in a rural world linked to the cyclic repetition of events in an unchanged way. Then he leaves, emigrates to America, manages to make a fortune, and after a long time he returns to his country in search of his childhood. And here comes the awareness of the passing of time and of a happiness that has been permanently lost.

The whole show is a search for one's roots, accompanied by the hope of finding the world as one left it. But everything changed in the cyclical repetition of the seasons.

The show speaks of the common good, of brotherhood, of a sense of belonging to a large community, which is the human one. Above all of that finding oneself as individuals, grown up, men and yet always feeling imperfect, incomplete, out of place. The symbolic force of the theater transforms things, redesigns them, making a vineyard out of a wire, a hill from distant lights, an environment of a pounding rhythm and at the same time its emotional suggestion in the heart of the listener.
Transforming the novel into dramaturgy and spectacle requires confrontation with a page written with wise beauty, where most of the events are placed in the past. The intuition of giving body to three roles brings the scene to live here and now, to Anguilla's confidence eye to eye with the public and to a dynamic in which the three characters coexist continuously, recreating the space and opening the scene to a counterpoint of actions linked by the symbolic thread of the imagination, just as Pavese's titles are united by the lyric power of writing.


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