Giorgia Angiuli presents "In A Pink Bubble"

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Address: Via Pratese, 46 , Florence

Date: Saturday 26 January 2019


Saturday 26 January for Nobody's Perfect

Giorgia Angiuli presents "In A Pink Bubble", her debut album

The album fully represents the effervescent personality of the Pugliese artist based in Florence: 12 sincere and personal traces, from which colored bubbles emerge. In 2018 she performed all over the world, also thanks to her popularity on the net, where her videos total millions of clicks. The resident Luca Donzelli and Mannie also sat in the console with her

An artist constantly poised between pop, techno and house. Composer and multi-instrumentalist of classical training, Giorgia Angiuli uses her voice to create a dreamy dimension amplified by the use of unique toy instruments.

In the next appointment with Nobody's Perfect scheduled for Saturday , January 26 , the artist from Puglia based in Florence will present "In A Pink Bubble" debut album that fully represents his effervescent personality (entry 12/15/18 € - opening Doors at 10.30 pm, entrance forbidden for children under 18). In his set Giorgia Angiuli will combine keyboards, drum pads and theremin with the sounds of a toy flute, saxophone, trumpets and many other toys. Mixing all these samples and loops, it will create a vibrant and energetic groove capable of igniting the track.

Deeply inspired by her first intense world tour that saw her starring on the stages of some of the major electronic clubs and festivals on the planet, "In A Pink Bubble" captures the essence of her thought, poised between the artistic world and life real: "I felt like a pink bubble, between memories and new experiences, between darkness and colors".

Giorgia, who has already released about thirty singles on international labels, has played and recorded all the instruments on the album, including her favorite weapons, such as her beloved 60s guitar, vintage analog synths such as Moog Sub37, Juno 106, the infamous OB-6 synth and others.

The synesthesia between dark and colorful visions and old and new memories is the core around which the disc takes shape, introspective and airy traces intertwine with more dynamic constructions and heavy bass.

On the brightest side of Giorgia there are radiant flares with small crystalline sounds with a wide impact, like the opening track "A Perfect Day in Tulum", which leads the listener on a nervous path towards darker brackets like "Copenhagen" and "Nothing to Lose", to bring the atmosphere to a boiling point. "Music is Life" contains Giorgia's passion for the artisanal creation of her music, an intrinsic part of her life that brings peace and inspiration: "Music is life with wings, being in hot water, simply reflecting, being" . The creation and inspiration are another important theme present throughout the album, both in the eponymous song "Inspiration", and in "A Temple Made by Air", where you listen to the artist sing: "Passion means satisfaction, stop emotions create distortion, stop with time to your screen ". Channeling the excessive flow of emotions, a return to humanity as a decision for the artist, are the central idea in "The Contact is a Cure". Giorgia believes that, although useful, "technology is the great nightmare of our society and deprives us of contact with nature and human beings". To conclude the focus on the songs that make up the record, the hyper solar "Pink Bubble" is presented as reflective and intense, managing to convey the magnetism that is the soul of Giorgia's live performances.

With the album "In A Pink Bubble", Giorgia Angiuli perfects her musical figure through a range of different times, making it a project that can be appreciated both for its complex texture and for its ingenious complexity, and for its intriguing simplicity.

In the console also the resident Luca Donzelli with his refined style and his maniacal attention to every detail; both characteristics that have distinguished him since when he was twenty was taking his first steps in the world of clubbing. Thanks to his very engaging sets and originality of his ideas, even at a very young age he was able to be appreciated in the Tuscan landscape and the residences that arrived in the following years meant that soon the "bet" became a talent. Luca also excels in productions, more successful tracks like Bottle Of Truth, Danzen Appeal, Burn That Gasoline have launched it on the world market and are the result of collaborations with major labels such as Titbit Music or Wow! Records. His enthralling style behind the consoles is the perfect protagonist for an evening of good Tenax music.

The honors will also be given to Mennie , a young resident dj producer of Tenax for more than 2 years. Versatile artist from techno to house Mennie has been nominated by DjMag as one of the most representative emerging Italian producers. He has released original tracks and remixes on important labels like Poker Flat, Desolat, Exploited, Housewax, just to name a few. This led him to be often on top of the charts and playing all over Europe. His music is constantly in the playlists and in the rankings of artists such as LocoDice, Tanzmann and Groove Armada.

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