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Address: Via Pratese, 46 , Florence

Date: Saturday 15 December 2018


Saturday 15 December new appointment with Nobody's Perfect

The Sound of Moscoman. From Berlin the founder of the label Disco Halal.

Together with him also ZEE aka Matteo Zarcone in the console

A native of Tel Aviv and founder of the Disco Halal label, Moscoman is an incredibly prominent figure in the alternative scene of club culture in recent years.

Guest of the next appointment of Nobody's Perfect, scheduled for Saturday 15 December at the Tenax, Moscoman is the creator of a sound proposal inspired by the myriad of sounds coming from his native land, but still based on new-wave, house, techno and trance genres ( door opening hours 22:30 - admission 10/12/15 € - prohibited for children under 18 years).

The proof of the prolificacy of Moscoman in the studio and of his great inventiveness comes with Treisar 2017, an ambitious project that saw eight of the EPs of Moscoman arrive on vinyl in less than twelve months. Each of these EPs demonstrates the variety of ideas, rhythms and tastes of the artist, and in each of these you can find traces that have made their way into the dancefloor.

Parallel to his studio activity, he manages to keep a calendar of live dates that bring Moscoman around the world, from his homeland, Israel, to his current home, Berlin, Asia, America and throughout Europe, adapting - but never abandoning - its distinctive sound for big festivals like Primavera Sound and DGTL. Even if it is in club situations where he can give the best of himself and fully express his musical message conveying it with all the experience he has gained over the years.

For those who have not yet had the chance to get lost in one of Moscoman's sound tours, Disco Halal, founded in 2015, offers a vivid picture of his musical interests, which he shares with a group of friends and collaborators in Israel and beyond . Originally started as a simple edits label with the intent to revive the Tel Aviv music scene, it soon incorporated a back-catalog of LP and EP by artists such as Simple Symmetry, Autarkic, Naduve, Krikor and Red Axes. Following the releases on ESP Institute, I'm A Cliche and Eskimo Recordings, Moscoman has recently chosen Disco Halal for I Ran, to date one of the artist's most significant releases.

With the world beginning to open more and more to a plurality of sounds, Moscoman gave the public seminal mixes on Beats In Space and Resident Advisor, remaining faithful to his vision and impossible to classify. Whether it's unexpectedly finding beauty in the most canonical 4/4 on ever-larger stages, exploring and revisiting the rich musical legacy of its land or simply creating a space to share sounds with anyone who wants to listen to them, Moscoman remains an artist with an exemplary mental openness.

ZEE aka Matteo Zarcone, the second guest of the evening on Saturday 15 December, is a DJ, producer and drummer. Over the past 10 years he has played in the most prestigious Italian clubs sharing the stage with internationally renowned artists, the real big house scene.

In his productions and his live sets he feels all his love for Chicago house music and Detroit techno: warm sounds that are in perfect harmony with an old school groove. His sets are full of energy and each time commensurate with the places where he plays.

In the summer of 2016 he starts a new chapter of his career giving life to ZEE and with the new moniker a lot of music follows. As a musician he has played on many European stages and has opened to major artists such as Oasis, Skunk Anansie, Pearl Jam, Stereophonics, Azaelia Banks, Jamiroquai, King of Convenience, Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

He was Planet Funk's drummer for the Non Zero Sumness thunder, and was the founder of the Trikobalto group with which he published under Sony and has performed on Italian and French stages. He is both resident DJ of Tenax's privèe and of the EGG Paradox in London.

He created and developed the "Goldfish" brand: an innovative idea that combines quality, first-rate music, and sophisticated tastes. This party comes to life in different and unique locations, where visual and performance come together with the true protagonist of the evening: music.


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