THE MAJEST homage to the "May" in May way in May

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Address: via Maggio , Florence

Date: Saturday 18 May 2019


Tribute to the "May" in May to May
IV Edition

Saturday 18 May 2019 from the afternoon to late evening

Back Saturday 18 May 2019 “La Maggiolata. Tribute to May on Via Maggio in May ”. A Spring party with beautiful singing , music and flowers protagonists of the day in the pedestrian street for a day, from the afternoon until late evening.
Conceived and realized by Associazione Via Maggio LA MAGGIOLATA. Tribute to the "May" in May way to May is an event that, starting from the playful punctuation of words, wants to be a spring festival dedicated to music, to beautiful singing and to flowers that will invade the Oltrarno in homage to the tradition of ancient festivals towns of Calendimaggio, and at the Maggio Musicale, its long history that makes Florence one of the capitals of music and opera and a reference point for enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the sector.

The initiative, which has reached its fourth edition this year, has been made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Accademia del Maggio Musicale, Teatro dell'Opera di Firenze, Association of Friends of the Teatro del Maggio, Opera Saint Mark's English Church, Orchestra Suzuki Ensemble, the Maggiaioli of Viaccia. The event received the patronage of the Municipality of Florence and is part of the program for the Florentine Summer 2019. A rich program with concerts , performances singing and music will liven up the street as happened in the past during the month of May in the ancient celebrations of the Tuscan folk tradition dedicated to the season of flowers and the rebirth of nature.

"A festival that annually renews a cultural offer marked by quality and Florentine - said the councilor for economic development and tourism Cecilia Del Re - An initiative that sees via Maggio and the Oltrarno as protagonist to extend to all the city and the many visitors who come to Florence, a way to enhance our artisan, economic, musical and other excellences, giving citizens an opportunity to live in their own neighborhood: this is the vision that has characterized our work in these years to protect the historic center, its activities and its shops " .

The intent of the initiative - says Olivia Turchi, president of the Via Maggio Association - is to restore the Florentine spaces of the city to be lived in a more sustainable way, allowing them to be rediscovered and to enhance the economic and productive fabric of the Oltrarno that with its craft activities, the shops, the historical shops and the neighborhood shops it has remained one of the last ramparts of the true Florentine in the historic center, made of commerce and residence, which deserves more than ever attention and respect today. "

The initiative is inspired by the events that characterized Florence - the city of flowers - since ancient times for spring and which led to the birth of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. The Calendimaggio or Cantar Maggio was celebrated starting from April 30th, to then continue throughout the month of May, with a flourishing of parades and processions involving the whole city, decorated for the occasion with laurel festoons, tapestries and flags . The numerous ancient testimonies, such as that of Agnolo Poliziano, recall how in these occasions groups of boys and girls, who wore garlands of flowers on their heads, intoned the songs, called "maggi" from which the name "Maggiolata", from which they went from house to home of the girls engaged and receiving flowers in return. These cheerful groups were preceded by a young man who wore " il majo" or "gonfalon selvaggio", a flowering branch (of hawthorn, of laburnum or other types of flowers or even bouquets of wild flowers) and a bunch of flowers representing spring. The flowers are also the protagonists of another ceremony that is typical of Florentine May, the "Fiorita" , a reminder of the spontaneous popular initiative that followed the death of Fra Girolamo Savonarola, and which still today brings petals of roses and branches of palms on the tombstone that recalls the exact point of the scaffold.


  • It starts at 3.00 pm at Palace of Bianca Cappello (via May 26) with Canti della Tradizione Fiorentina of the Silver Years Choir of the Free Age Center of Via del Leone directed by Serena Ciaranfi ; it continues with the presentation of the book “Bianca Cappello and Francesco I dei Medici. Eternal love and secret alchemies " by Costanza Riva ( 4:00 pm ) and an Opera Flash Mob with the Choir and the Opera St. Mark English Church (7:00 pm via May 18).

  • 17:00 pm performance of the Suzuki Ensemble directed by Virginia Ceri, founder of the Suzuki Music Center of Florence which he chairs. The Ensemble testifies to the validity and effectiveness of the Suzuki method , developed in the first half of the 20th century by the Japanese violinist and teacher Shinichi Suzuki: «I want to create good citizens. If a child listens to good music from the day of his birth and learns to play it alone, then he will develop sensitivity, discipline and patience. And he will get a splendid heart. » The boys of the Center performed extensively in Italy and abroad - on this spring occasion the Suzuki Ensemble will bring fifty young musicians to Via Maggio.

  • At 6.00 pm there will be the awarding of the "Il Maggio in Vetrina " Competition, this year at its 23rd edition. An initiative promoted by the Amici del Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino which sees a particular involvement of the Oltrarno workshops for this edition. The award ceremony will be accompanied by a concert by the Opera House singers.

  • Throughout the day and into the evening along Via Maggio, Piazza San Felice and Piazza Frescobaldi itinerant musical performances, the Maggiaioli of Viaccia with music, songs, folk songs and rhymes Tuscan and Florentine folklore. The evening concludes at 8:30 pm with the opera La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini conducted by Maestro Franz Moser at Saint Mark's English Church (Via Maggio 18) .

  • 21:00 Ben Ben Maggio .. story in music of a special month from praise to Maria to Calendimaggio, from the songs of the peasants to the revolution of '68. Reciting voice Elena Giannarelli, music and singing Luigi Gagliardi with the singers of the group 334 of Brozzi. Courtyard of Palazzo Ridolfi Zanchini (via May 13) .

  • Artistic creations of two international madonnas , Sonja Samardjeva and Kumiko Suzuki, which will involve children throughout the afternoon on the themes of the spring festival and an invasion of flowers with Elisabetta Laszlo - who with easel and orchids - showcases her works by opening the door of the house / atelier at number 44 of Via Maggio.

  • In addition: flower and music showcases in the shops declined on the themes of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino programming, naturalistic installations along the way and a green setting made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Department of Environment and Aglietti Floriculture to contribute to the spirit of the ancient dedicated festivals to the spring.

  • In addition, ad hoc culinary creations for the event: the taste of ice cream dedicated to the Maggiolata realized by the Gelateria Santa Trinita and the Pizza of May by Gusta Pizza and open-air tastings (Pizzino, L'Arrosticini, I Toscani, SottArno).

  • From 14:00 Sdrucciolo de 'Pitti participates in the party with the Sdrucciolo in party # 8 with Calzino & guest vinyl dj-set and live jazz band and at 18:00 "Power and virtue, fashion is interpretation-presentation of a capsule collection" with the creations of Tiziana Alemanni .

  • Photos and video reportage by Vanessa Spaziani.

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