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Address: Via Pistoiese, 319 angolo Via Lombardia , Florence - Rifredi / Le Piagge

Date: Friday 14 December 2018



The singer-songwriter revelation 2018
in concert at the Viper in Florence

Friday, December 14, 2018 - 22 hours
Viper Theater - via Pistoiese / via Lombardia - Florence
Ticket: 13 euros; pre-sale
Info tel. 055.218647 -

It feeds on football, cinema, Beatles and with "Scudetto" boomed: 10 million listenings between YouTube and Spotify, 70 dates in 8 months, lots of people, nice words.

Galeffi is the singer-songwriter revelation of the last year and Friday, December 14th is the right occasion to enjoy it on the stage of the Viper Theater in Florence.

Seize the moment because these are the last stages, then Galeffi will return to the studio, to work on the next recording project. If this were not enough, there is also "Mai Natale", the new, sweet and alluring single. With a pinch - and even more - irony.

"Last December 25 I was left by my girlfriend and I wrote this song - explains the Roman singer - I wanted to tell her that without her everything was shit, even the music, even Christmas. I am very satisfied with the result, I consider it an expressionist song because I tried to exalt and exasperate my sensitive side, which I love and hate together. "

"Mai Natale" is available in a special edition of 45 laps, online and at concerts.

Cheeky and pop songs, elegantly imbued with everyday life, total love and literary references. "Scudetto" is one of the most talked-about debuts of the year. Galeffi is made to sing and remember, thanks to a catchy writing but with a thousand nuances of sound, in a world sometimes surreal, governed by cups of tea, dark circles, watches, coffee makers, stolen kisses, polystyrene and football players.

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