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Address: Via Pistoiese 309/4, Piazza Ilaria Alpi e Miran Hrovatin, 5, Florence

Date: Saturday 16 November 21:00 - 23:59


Saturday 16 November 2019
Giorgio Poi in concert
@ Viper Theater
Piazza Ilaria Alpi and Miran Hrovatin, 5
50145 - Florence

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Since the release of his recording debut "Fa Niente" (February 2017) Giorgio Poi has built a unique and special relationship with Italian music. Lyricist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, speaking is his solid path, always constantly growing and looking for new opportunities in which to exploit his versatility. His unmistakable voice in collaborations with Carl Brave and Frah Quintale, his guitar at the service of the last record and live in Calcutta, and then again producer for the record by Francesco De Leo and among the authors in Luca Carboni's last album. But it is above all the energy released during his concerts that makes the difference and puts everyone in agreement. In Italy and in Europe up to the United States where the Phoenix wanted it in openings at their New York and Los Angeles dates.
Romano of adoption, Giorgio Poi was born in Novara and spent part of his childhood in Lucca. In his twenties he moved to London, where he graduated in jazz guitar at the "Guildhall School Of Music And Drama". In the meantime he gives life to the "Vadoinmessico", with whom he publishes the highly successful album "Archeology Of The Future" which launches them on a tour that will touch all of Europe and even the States. The project will then take on a new form under the name "Cairobi". Since 2013 he lives between London and Berlin, looking at Italy from afar, and undergoing the charm that distance feeds. So he starts writing some songs in Italian. The result is a disc of personal, melancholic and psychedelic love songs, released Bomba Dischi / Universal in February 2017. "Fa Niente" is very favorably received by the specialized press but also by many generalist publications that dedicate articles and in-depth reviews to it entering the merits of Poi's compositional skills. At the same time he sets in motion in an incessant live activity that sees Giorgio perform with Francesco Aprili on drums and Matteo Domenichelli on bass. The three leave for the debut tour in all the big Italian cities and in many provinces, gathering enthusiasm and a great audience. The live is square and exciting, for those who love to sing "Niente di strange", "Parachute", "Mineral water", but also for those who want to listen, observe, enjoy the technical and stylistic qualities of Giorgio and his musicians who live find maximum expression. Giorgio Poi is confirmed among the best debuts of 2017 with a very long summer of concerts that touches practically the whole peninsula and the major Italian festivals. Following the release of the two unreleased tracks "Your white dress" and "Semmai", Giorgio left for an exciting autumn tour in the main Italian live clubs. Meanwhile, "Do Nothing" is chosen by Rockit as the best record of the year and many other specialized sites and does not place him at the top of the charts.
2018 opens with the participation in Eurosonic followed by a European mini tour. The Phoenix fall in love with his music and invite him to open their concerts in Milan (March 2018), Paris (May 2018) and New York (July 2018) and Los Angeles (September 2018). Also in the early months of 2018 Giorgio Poi devoted himself to the artistic production of the debut album by Francesco De Leo (Bomba Dischi). In parallel, the fruitful collaborations with Frah Quintale for the song "Missili", produced by Takagi and Ketra (Undamento, Bomba Dischi, Pltnm Squad), Carl Brave for the song "Camel Blu" contained in the album "Notti Brave" . He also signed for Luca Carboni the song "Before leaving" contained in the last album by the Bolognese singer-songwriter "Sputnik". On March 8, "Smog" comes out, which he himself calls his "first second album" anticipated by the videos of the single "Vinavil" and "Stella". The record is immediately appreciated by critics and by an increasingly large number of fans, who have followed him in each of the forty Smog Tour dates that started at the end of March 2019 and will end with the last autumn dates.

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