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Address: Piazza Santo Spirito 5/r , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Thursday 11 January 2018



presents live
"The house of Carla EP"

11 January 2018

VOLUME - Free admission

On Thursday 11 January at the Volume of Florence, Daniele Maggioli will present his new ep "La casa di Carla" live. Released on November 7, 2017 for the label Hoollapeppa Dischi, "La casa di Carla" is composed of five songs in which they meet dilated atmosphere and songwriting, born as a soundtrack for the theatrical show "Approximations". Daniele Maggioli, an histrionic artist, singer-songwriter and a member of the Bucolico Duo presented it on stage. With how many images can a city be sung? With what kind of song can we decide to color and imagine a place, a house, a bar, a street?
In the new work by Daniele Maggioli we find five, five independent but interdependent tracks, which alternate dreamlike atmospheres and more singer-songwriters, linked by a very subtle conducting thread. Five songs to describe an urban landscape, ruins, absence, hatred and love. "I wrote these songs in January 2014 for the theatrical show" Approximations ", produced and conceived by Alex Gabellini -racconta Daniele Maggioli - . The show recounted a sentimental relationship that was now over, with the basic idea of ​​tackling the themes of absence and incommunicability, and how the senses of our bodies work in memory of reconstruction, often falsified, lost deirapporti. As a songwriter I had many ideas to work on, as well as total creative freedom: these five songs were born, to which I am very attached. That's why I took them back and recorded and joined in an ep, which becomes their home, an ideal landing place, their last home ".

BIOGRAPHY DANIELE MAGGIOLI - www.danielemaggioli.comDaniele Maggioli, born in 1977, lives in Rimini and deals with songs. He is interested in literature, languages ​​and dreams. He works as a songwriter and author of texts. In recent years he has focused on electronic music production techniques. With the group of "illogical songwriters" Duo Bucolico has made six albums. He is Insigne Vice President of the Decollagium Pataphysicum Panormitanum. The ep "La casa di Carla" is his fifth solo album and comes out on 7 November 2017 for the label Hoollapeppa Dischi, founded by Daniele himself. In his name he has already published "Pro Loco" (Interno4Records - 2008), "Karaoke Blues" (Interno4Records - 2010), "Senzatitolo" (Cinedelic Records - 2013), "Until the last breath" (Hoollapeppa Dischi - 2015).


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