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Name: Yab Disco

Address: VIA PAGANINI 8 INT.5 , Florence - Historical Center

Tel: +393389779252

Email: giampafirenze@gmail.com



Information, lists, booking tables and dinners:
329.3627079 - 055.664541

New: Book online on the following page:http://discotechefirenze.org/discoteche-firenze/yab-firenze/


The disco YAB - short for You Are Beautiful - is a historical and elegant restaurant, located in the historical center of Florence, just steps from the Republic Square, absolutely one of the best-known local dance and popular in Florence. In fact, often, within it, to run into guests of the sports and entertainment worlds.

The Yab besides being the disco is also a restaurant. Dinner by reservation with musical entertainment, food service in the days of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, ideal for group dinners and birthdays. After dinner begins disco evening (included in price).

The restaurant is a modern-looking disco and always changing, which offers every season an environment modernization. The Yab is a pretty big club, but being still very frequented often ends up being crowded. It boasts of several workstations bars and two dance floors, the central track, which is the largest with performances by international guests, and the one inside the exclusive Privee Sophie, smaller and more private (the hall can also be booked for private parties and events).

The clientele of the Yab is very diverse, hip-hop audiences on Monday, the university on Wednesday, adult and selected on Thursday, on Friday trendy, young (a bit 'as in all the clubs) on Saturday.

The philosophy of the restaurant is to break away from the superficiality of fashion, and instead specify the glamor, because fashion lives of times too often accelerated in contrast to the glamorous.

The restaurant's concept aims at a precise idea of ​​architecture: the track is like a square, with a dj that dominates the console, around the sofas are like the palaces of the notables, recreating inside the complexity of a modern metropolis.

Particularities of Yab is the almost total absence of color. The color is forbidden because it is reserved for guests and their stories.


It 'started the season 2012/2013 the Smoove, the well-known Monday Hip-Hop historic club Yab, located in the heart of Florence.

Next event:
Monday, September 17, the second round of the season 2012/2013, special guest Max Brigante, to mark the fourth Hip Hop TV B-Day Party (Milano Mediolanum Forum, 25/09/2012), and will be given away 10 free tickets, everyone valid for two persons!

Entrance into FLORENCE DO LIST € 10 with a man / woman consummation, from 23.30 to 01.00
Tables 25 € per person (by reservation only)

History of the evening:
Smoove comes from an intuition that for so many has the flavor of a bet in 1996 and sees in the Monday evening a great event for lovers of Hip-Hop and R'n'B.

It was decided to call the best that the scene at the time that proposes DJ Ciso, master freez, stamina five dre luv and other local DJs at the time, already from the beginning you can see the huge potential, from that moment is nothing more than a constant growth of the evening to become a truly unmissable event with people moving from the entire peninsula.

In 2001 the unpredictable happens, dies Ciso dj leaving the staff and the entire hip-hop movement a great sadness and knowledge that you have lost not only a unique dj but also a person with a great heart, from that moment until today console will remain only the legendary dj Master Freez, considered by experts the hip-hop number one in Italy!

In console last season Freez Master was accompanied by a rich program of international guest DJs and Italian guests, among which stand out on all Max Brigante, in partnership with Hip Hop TV, and Double Dee directly by staff Limited Ed. Bologna.

However, during all these years we remember a very rich programming that goes from the evening 70 and 80 selected by DJ Ciso to the participation of the best of the Italian hip hop scene with concerts of Toto and DJ Zeta, Family, dj Enzo, Mondo Marcio, classic Toscani , many were also artists and international DJs including Sugarhill gang, grandmaster melle mel and Kurtis Blow to remember the old school hip hop and Fatman scoop, Montel Jordan, Pharoahe Monch, Coolio, dJ Tony Touch, Nina Sky, dJ Whoo Kid, dj Kool, dj Vlad, dJ Cut Killer, dJ Abdel, dj Lam c (rip), and in any case the best of the Italian scene with dJ Fish, Mista dj, dj Lady coco, dJ Tony Prince, dj double dee, dj Ciso JR, Murran dj.

During these 16 years they have changed music and clients but remained the spirit in coming on Monday evening to listen to the best of 'hip hop, of course, the Yab discotheque in Florence.

Every Monday from ore23.30 inpoi Yab Smoove become the meeting point of the tribes' hip hop Italian, a cosmopolitan evening, colorful, sparkling and young, in a real club 'cult', one of a kind. To host Yab Smoove fact a completely renovated and redesigned local lighting and style. Due to the total redesign last year, the Yab represents the state of modern nightlife: excellent sound system, new air conditioning, new VIP areas for the tables on the track and, last but not least, the new and coveted Privee Sophie , with dedicated dance floor, poured access and booking vIP tables.

For reservations:
329.3627079 (Monday - Sunday 11:00 to 23:00)
055.664541 (Monday - Friday 11:00 to 19:00)




It 'started the 2012/2013 season of "The Queen of Night University", the university appointment par excellence of Florence, The place of the evening is the trendy and popular nightclub Yab, in the historical center a short walk from Piazza Repubblica and Piazza Duomo (Via Sassetti 5r).

Next event:
Wednesday, September 19 "Keep Calm And Get Ready To Dance", it is the second round of the 2012/2013 season of the University of Florence evening, special guest in the console Dj Mr. Antony I and his resident DJ Lourence.

Entrance into FLORENCE DO LIST from 23.30 to 00.30:
- Homage in the list for college students (you need to be on the list that the booklet or passport of the cafeteria / library, strongly advised to arrive by midnight to secure the homage and make fewer tail).
- For students not on the list, with input consumazione11 woman € and 13 € man.

- VIP table 15 € per person (minimum spend at the table € 120, reservations required)

History of the evening:
For several years on Wednesday night the people of Florence Movida finds himself at Yab, an event that has become customary over time.

"The queen of university night", this is the name of the event, well known to all university Florentine of the university, is ready to debut in its seventh (!!!) round of the season after the resounding success achieved in past years. Over the years the event has seen a steady increase in the quality and number of appearances, unequivocal approval rating and the great success of the event.
In addition to entry tribute on the list, this year reconfirmed the jugs formula to 60 euro at the table, in the true style Formentera.

Every week there is new theme parties proposals, and there are specific celebrations of the various faculties and also of the various degree programs. To note the "The grand gala of the University of Tuscany", the elegant fashion shows organized by the schools of fashion, but also a party with more goliardic issues.

In console we find as a resident of the season 2012/2013 the talented Dj Lourence, young artist in degrees to rapidly appreciate the Florentine square. Lourence will sound a trading house selection for a guaranteed fun! From 2:00 am an unmissable parade of the 90 years success skillfully mixed in addition to the house dance hit of the day, something to see, to listen and to dance all.
Every week Lourence will be joined by a special guest DJ, to create sound duels to the last note!

Of course, to mention the coveted free 'the Yab, the Sophie Privé, an exclusive and private space, with VIP tables, bar counter, and Dj. Bars and dedicated console make privè Sophie a real local in local, perfect for private parties, birthdays and important celebrations.

For reservations:
329.3627079 (Monday - Sunday 11:00 to 23:00)
055.664541 (Monday - Friday 11:00 to 19:00)




It is going to start the season 2012/2013 "Enjoy" the energy night on Friday night in the famous Yab discotheque in Florence in the historical center a short walk from Piazza Repubblica and Piazza Duomo (Via Sassetti 5r).

Next event:
Friday, September 21 "Enjoy" inauguration, his first event of the winter season 2012/2013.

Entrance into FLORENCE DO LIST:
- From 00.00 to 01.00, € 11 with drink woman, man 13 € with drink

Dinner served from 21.30 (by reservation only)
- € 10 woman, 20 men €

VIP table with bottle € 25 (by reservation only), 00.00

History of the evening:
"Enjoy, New Energy Night" is the new Friday the Yab, which opened this year its second season, strong of the great success of last year. The hippest hangout in Florence can only focus on a strong central party nightlife like that of Friday. The aim is to offer an evening for everyone, bubbly and fun, "ENJOY" in fact ... that aims to combine the simplicity of pure fun with a touch of classic sophistication of Yab style. For the most demanding there is the niche excluded Privee Sophie, whose access is reserved through the reservation of VIP tables.

The evening kicks off at 21.30 with "Funny Dinner", a dinner for fun so crazy and sparked with renewed and a new fine dining menu. Followed by midnight you can dance with the music of Marco Laschi and animation of Samuel Brotini. In addition to the central dance floor, recently renovated with a brand new lighting system and a new stage tables.

For reservations:
329.3627079 (Monday - Sunday 11:00 to 23:00)
055.664541 (Monday - Friday 11:00 to 19:00)



It is going to start the season of "Taggami 2012/2013", the appointment for the youngest in Florence, and with the new privee reserved instead to a wider audience and the university. The place of the evening is the trendy and popular nightclub Yab, in the historical center a short walk from Piazza Repubblica and Piazza Duomo (Via Sassetti 5r).

Next event:
Saturday, September 22 inauguration "Taggami", the first event of the season 2012/2013 for young boys of Florence.

Entrance into FLORENCE DO LIST, from 23.00 to 00.00:
- Women's € 11 with drink, man 13 € with drink, university € 10

Dinner served from 20.30 (by reservation only)
- 20 € (Tribute for those celebrating the birthday and bottle of sparkling wine offered)

Dinner buffet from 20.30 (by reservation only)
- € 15 (Tribute for those celebrating the birthday)

VIP table with bottle € 15 (by reservation only), from 23:00

History of the evening:
"Taggami" at Yab is Saturday for youngsters in and around Florence, a fun evening for audiences aged 16 to 20 years. After the first part of the 2011-2012 season in which on several occasions has sold out, "Taggami" continues its run without rivals with special guests, theme parties and cry dj.

The evening begins with dinner show "Tag Crazy Dinner" dlle 20.30 and musical entertainment. Two formulas for dinner: the classic dinner served, and a buffet dinner (which still has reserved tables set). From 23.30 begins the "Tag Party" in console the resident DJ Lourence offers a house-commercial sound very "happy", he joined every week by a special guest dj.

In addition to the main track it is available to customers also the new and coveted Privee Sophie, exclusively for an older audience and university.

For reservations:
329.3627079 (Monday - Sunday 11:00 to 23:00)
055.664541 (Monday - Friday 11:00 to 19:00)



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